Top 5 Tips For Seattle Vacations

seattle skyline

Traveling to Seattle soon? There is so much to do in this large city in the Pacific Midwest, so it is best to plan your trip wisely. Otherwise, you may come home without seeing everything you wanted to. To make sure your Seattle vacation goes without a hitch, here are a few top tips for planning your trip to this corner of the USA! Continue reading “Top 5 Tips For Seattle Vacations”

Long Beach, Washington – Bed & Breakfast, Kites and A Marina

long beach 06679

We were just hanging out in Astoria, Oregon about 1 hr and a half from our home when instead of driving home that night, we decided to go further and explore Long Beach, WA. We spontaneously booked a room at a Bed & Breakfast and that weekend turned out to be the annual clam festival with all kinds of events going on.

We enjoyed the sunset at the beach, our B&B, the Saturday Market at the Port of Ilwaco, wind and kites at the beach, and delicious fudge.  Continue reading “Long Beach, Washington – Bed & Breakfast, Kites and A Marina”

Wine Tasting In Oregon and Washington

COR Cellars in Lyle, Washington
COR Cellars in Lyle, Washington

Last weekend we drove to The Dalles, Oregon spent the night and visited three wineries the next day. Continue reading “Wine Tasting In Oregon and Washington”

Washington To Oregon Via The Astoria–Megler Bridge

astoria bridge4

Last week we crossed the Astoria – Megler Bridge from Washington. It is a stunning bridge. The ride is highly recommended. Continue reading “Washington To Oregon Via The Astoria–Megler Bridge”

Two Amazing Nights In A Sanctuary In Washington

Hubby didn’t have to go to work last Thursday and Friday so we decided to head towards Washington to have a little fun. Hubby found a perfect place just about an hour from where we live in Oregon; a little piece of paradise in the middle of nowhere Washington. We booked two nights through airbnb and it was the absolute perfect summer getaway.

This wasn’t planned at all, it was pretty spontaneous as our lives usually are (even though I love and I’m great at planning.) Continue reading “Two Amazing Nights In A Sanctuary In Washington”

2 Days in Seattle, WA (Part II: The Museum Of Flight)

museum of flight seattle
Museum of Flight, Seattle

Yesterday I posted about the first day of our 2 day trip to Seattle. On the second day we spent most of the time at the amazing Museum of Flight, but let me take you through our day. Continue reading “2 Days in Seattle, WA (Part II: The Museum Of Flight)”

2 Days In Seattle, WA (Part I)

seattle skyline

As you may or may not know, depending on how much you follow my posts, Josh and I are temporarily in Portland renewing our Indian visas. (A process that is taking 10 times longer than it should). We have been in Portland for over a month now, so last Friday we decided to rent a car and head to Seattle on Saturday for a night. Josh lived in Seattle for 7 years, but his last time there was in 2005. As for myself, I had never been to Washington state before, so I was very excited because I love traveling to new places and especially because Josh always said that I would love Seattle. Continue reading “2 Days In Seattle, WA (Part I)”