Hiring A Car Abroad: Horror Scenarios That Must Be Avoided

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For many, hiring a car abroad is a crucial part of the travel experience. Without that luxury, we wouldn’t be able to explore the places we want to see. Obviously, making the right decision is crucial. Without it, we’re fighting a tough battle. We’re in a location that we don’t understand, talking to companies that we’ve never heard of. It’s important to be aware of the scenarios that must be avoided. Here’s our handy list that you’re going to want to keep in mind. Continue reading “Hiring A Car Abroad: Horror Scenarios That Must Be Avoided”

4 Careers That Will Allow You To Travel

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Do you travel for business or pleasure? Why not both? When you travel for work and leisure, you get the best of both worlds. You can build a stable career while you get to visit countless new and wonderful places. Below are some of the best careers that give you the opportunity to travel. Continue reading “4 Careers That Will Allow You To Travel”

Why It Is Awesome Being Mexican While Traveling Abroad and Tips If You Are Not One

Two Mexicans in India.
Two Mexicans in India.

I’ve heard many Americans say how French people really don’t like them and are rude to them. As a Mexican, I’ve had no problem with French people. In fact, every country I have been to (out of 20), I have been treated pretty good and I came to the conclusion that no one really hates Mexicans, in general at least. Obviously there are exceptions.

The American tourist stereotype is definitely not a good one as they are usually described as rude, obnoxious and loud.

Being American has a lot of perks in this world, but maybe not so much as a tourist (except for the fact that they don’t need to apply for a lot of visas). On the other hand, being Mexican may not have as many perks but at least we are not hated while traveling abroad; actually, the US might be the country that creates the most problems for us.

In my case, I guess it helps that I am tiny and female, besides being Mexican. Who is ever going to feel threatened by me? Nobody, but I am sneaky and stealthy (not even on purpose) and I would make an awesome spy because no one would ever suspect.

Why is it that Mexicans are liked while traveling abroad? Here are four main reasons:

Continue reading “Why It Is Awesome Being Mexican While Traveling Abroad and Tips If You Are Not One”