Unique Places To Stay in Oregon From the Coast to the City

portland micro houses colorful

Oregon has so much to offer whether you like trying out new restaurants, exploring the outdoors, or hanging out at the beach.

If you are thinking about taking a spring vacation, or planning on a summer or fall getaway, Oregon is a great place to visit! With so many unique places to stay, I’m here to make planning your stay a smooth process. I have gathered a few unique and affordable places for you to stay in Portland, Deer Island, Astoria, Seaside and Cannon Beach. Continue reading “Unique Places To Stay in Oregon From the Coast to the City”

How To Book The Perfect Accommodation


Planning a trip can be overwhelming and choosing the right accommodation is a big part of it. Wherever you stay depends on who you are traveling with, your budget, and your style (are you more into adventure or luxury?).

With so many options out there, the infographic below can help you narrow your options, whether you are traveling solo, with your partner, with friends or with family. Continue reading “How To Book The Perfect Accommodation”

63 Themed Hotels From All Over The World

Sometimes when you travel, the place you stay at is simply a transitioning place where you sleep before you go out on your foreign adventures, but sometimes the place you stay at can be an adventure in itself! From hotels made of ice, to airplanes and castles, staying at a themed hotel can be quite a unique and fun experience.  Continue reading “63 Themed Hotels From All Over The World”

3 Great Alternative Accommodation Ideas To Try

When planning a holiday it can be easy to choose the same kind of accommodation time and time again. While there is nothing wrong with a standard hotel, surely you’re interested in other options. For many people the hotel is a huge part of their holiday experience. It’s understandable that some people may feel uncomfortable booking somewhere they are unfamiliar with, but shouldn’t’ that be part of the adventure? There are many unique and alternative accommodations out there waiting for you to visit.
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Arriving to Ahmednagar

We stayed at the MPR (Meher Pilgrim Retreat) while we found an apartment/home to rent. Accommodations here are nice and clean and only 70 rupees a day, plus 290 rupees for three vegetarian meals a day. That’s about 7 dollars a day, total. The only bad things here are very hard mattresses, getting noisy neighbors,  and only bucket baths, which having been here many times, we are used to.

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