Xpat Matt’s Budget-Friendly Adventures in the American West

Image via Trover by Micah Weber

The post below was originally published on XPATMATT on April 14, 2016.

Not every trip “out west” needs to empty your wallet and your savings account. In fact, there are plenty of adventurous destinations in the west that are affordable, uncrowded, and full of awesome outdoor activities for you and your traveling family. These five budget-friendly destinations offer everything you need to make the most of your adventure-based getaway. Continue reading “Xpat Matt’s Budget-Friendly Adventures in the American West”


The Very Best Of America’s East Coast

Heading to Cannon Mountain, NH

When most people think of an American road trip, they think of the classics. Taking Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles is the all-time favourite. It’s one of the best ways to see every aspect of the country, from east to west. Others will take the coast road along the west, drinking in California, and enjoying its wonderful sights. But, what about the east coast? There’s got to be a great road trip across there, right? Well, I think I found the perfect route. Want to hear about it? Continue reading “The Very Best Of America’s East Coast”

Wandering America’s West Coast

cannon beach oregon6

There’s nothing I love more than traveling and I have yet to experience visiting places by packing up a motorhome or RV, and hitting the open road. It’s definitely a unique way to travel! You get to explore the world from the road, and roll up into a new town every morning. Continue reading “Wandering America’s West Coast”

15 Best Things About Being An Expat In The USA

Yesterday I posted about the things I dislike about the USA. To balance it out, I needed to tell you about my favorite things about this country too. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, every place has its good and bad things. 

So here are 15 good things about America: Continue reading “15 Best Things About Being An Expat In The USA”

7 Things That Frustrate and Perplex Me About The USA

The US is quite the country. So many people from other countries dream to move to the US and live the “American dream”. The US has great shopping, the best military, loads of power, an amazing music and film industry, and it’s the birth country of Wikipedia and Disneyland.

I even married an American, which is perplexing in itself, but in spite of this country’s awesomeness there are some things that sometimes really frustrate or perplex me.  Continue reading “7 Things That Frustrate and Perplex Me About The USA”

10 Differences Between Mexico City and the USA

Mexico – USA border source

I recently traveled to my hometown, Mexico City where I have not lived in since 2008 and the more time passes, the more I feel like a tourist when I go visit, not because I feel out of place but because I am starting to see things with different eyes, in a good way. The same landscapes and scenes that I used to see every day for many years of my life, have taken new meaning and they are more interesting; I am more “wowed” by them. Also, the city is always changing and every time I go there are new buildings, new restaurants, new museums…

I’ve been in the US for almost 6 years now and this last trip, I noticed several differences between Mexico City and the US. Here they are: Continue reading “10 Differences Between Mexico City and the USA”

11 French Travel Tips for Visiting America

A Parisian cafe. (2006)
A Parisian cafe. (2006)

I just find it fascinating how other cultures see some things about another culture that may seem completely normal to one but completely bizarre to another.  The following article written by a French person explains American “strange” behavior in their perspective.

The text was translated from French to English using Google Translate and will obviously not be a perfect translation, but you can get a very good idea of what the writer was trying to say.

11 French Travel Tips for Visiting America

Continue reading “11 French Travel Tips for Visiting America”