Monthly Best of: July 2016


Holy sh*t what a month. Just me? I’m still kinda in shock about it all. Still dealing with aftermath, still dealing with new changes, still dealing with new feelings, new thoughts. Still wondering, still waiting. Still hoping, still trying to fix things, still trying to hold on, still not forgetting, still learning. I’m exhausted just typing and thinking about it.

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The Best Posts of 2015


As elaborated in my year in review post, my year included lots of cooking, fitness, and traveling. Almost similarly, your favorite posts were about Travel, Mexico, India, and Movies. That pretty much summarizes my life. Check out if you missed any of them: Continue reading “The Best Posts of 2015”

Monthly Best Of: October 2015


This month was pretty awesome because I got to travel, and I got to travel to the faraway land of India. My brother was supposed to come but he cancelled last minute so it became a mom and daughter trip which was very nice. I also really enjoy October weather, so that’s also nice.

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Monthly Best Of: August 2015


This month I had some great achievements in my fitness world doing things I have never done before, and our garden gave us so much bounty from kale, to green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, beets, and more… which I enjoyed eating and cooking with. In terms of healthy living, this month was a great one and pretty chill one.

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Monthly Best Of: July 2015

best july2015

Apart from a freak accident, dropping a glass jar resulting in 5 stitches in my ankle, this month was pretty chill. I did a lot of cooking. Tried pressure canning for the first time and enjoyed our garden tremendously. I loved being able to harvest my own dinner, mostly. I also got creative in the kitchen. Yesterday, I was in the bathroom at my crossfit gym, and this woman randomly takes out a big ass zucchini from her bag and asks me if I want it. She said she had just picked it, and I accepted, cause why not? I had no idea what to do with it but a few hours later we were eating delicious homemade paleo chocolate zucchini bread.  Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: July 2015”

Monthly Best Of: April 2015


April is the best month and not only because it’s my birthday, I don’t even like celebrating my birthday. It is just the best weather month and everyone seems to get cheerful with all the spring nature surrounding us, the end of winter and glimpses of summer.

This month was a busy travel month for me. I traveled to Mexico City, Astoria OR, Long Beach WA, and Victoria BC Canada. I was in three different countries and two different states in the US. There are still posts coming about those trips. Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: April 2015”

Monthly Best Of: August 2014


Hello readers! We still have a day to go but I hope you had a great month. Mine was an eventful one since we had to replace our car and I went through a major oral surgery.

In the upcoming month I am looking forward to making a trip down to Mexico and not having oral surgery.

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