Monthly Best Of: March 2016


March came and went. We survived lived through a whole month in our new apartment and new town and loved it. We both joined gyms (different ones), I achieved a few PR’s, we got into hiking (there is so much outdoorsy stuff here), we tried new restaurants, we saw a few good movies and discovered an amazing theater (unfortunately 1.5 hrs away, which is not that bad for film buffs like us), and settled in.  Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: March 2016”


Monthly Best Of: November 2015


I had a busy blogging month apparently and I hope you enjoyed the content. It was also a generally good month.

Hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, made a spontaneous visit to one of my favorite mountains (Mt Hood), dined at our two of our favorite places in the city, went to the movie theater a few times, and stayed at home and snuggled while watching tv many other times. There were also lots of surprise treats that crossed my path from chocolate cake to gelato.  Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: November 2015”