Weekly Small Pleasures #106


This week gave me more small pleasures than usual.. but I think in reality I just noticed more than usual. Either way… here they are: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #106”

Weekly Small Pleasures #105


This week was hectic and it was exhausting. I had to make a million phone calls, which stress me out, I had to drive around a ton running errands and going to appointments, which also gives me tension (the driving part), I had to go to the dentist THREE days in a row, I began physical therapy for a hip labral tear which I’ve had for three years and just found out about it (yes it hurts, but I thought I just had hip problems and accepted it was normal for me to be in pain or discomfort), I didn’t sleep well for half of the week, AND our A/C broke (it’s fixed now). So, yeah kinda rough week for me, but I managed to enjoy a few moments from it, read about them below: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #105”

Weekly Small Pleasures #103


I would say it was a pretty good week. No issues. None that I remember at least, except for a couple nights of bad sleep and annoying mosquitoes.

It’s already mid-October, the month is going fast. Here are some things that made me happy this week: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #103”

Weekly Small Pleasures #97

moab road utah

This week was HECTIC. Unfortunately, I can’t say much about it because the blog post about it is coming tomorrow but it involved a big move. The whole week consisted of it and it kinda didn’t include many pleasures, let’s see what I can think of… Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #97”

Weekly Small Pleasures #96

small pleasures

This week has been a pre-move week, which is always an emotional rollercoaster to stress town. But I tried managing stress and anxiety with some nature runs, some coffee runs, and some good music and TV. Here are some of the good moments of my week: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #96”

Weekly Small Pleasures #95


So many changes in the last couple of months. Big changes still occurring. Transition time. I’ll probably make an official announcement about one of those changes in the next couple of weeks. I hate transition time. You’d think I’d be used to it by now considering I have moved almost every year, sometimes multiple times a year, in the last 8 years. Anyway, I won’t give too many hints, but needless to say, I’ve been a bit stressed and anxious. Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #95”

Weekly Small Pleasures #94

collage happy

Nearing the end of this week (Friday), I injured my neck during an intense, military-style (in my mind) workout. So that sucked. Especially because it means I’ll have to take it easy next week… boring. I can’t even drive or do dishes right now without pain, so I really hope it gets better quite soon, what else am I to do if I can’t do chores or exercise? That right there sums up my whole life! Haha. Well.. I still have the computer. Blogging/working/music-listening. Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #94”

Weekly Small Pleasures #93


Things have calmed down a bit but there’s still rough days, things flare up, things are not really back to normal nor will they ever go back to normal. It’s the “new normal”, I guess, that I have to adjust to. It won’t be over until it is, who knows when. It’s just something I have to deal with every day now. It’s not something I can just forget or ignore or pretend. It’s there. And the wait is there.

Wow, this doesn’t make any sense to 99.9% of you I know. I won’t ramble today, at least no more than I already did. Here are some of my small pleasures of the week: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #93”

Weekly Small Pleasures #92

Another week has come and gone. Still picking up the pieces from shattered glass. Still trying to adapt to a new situation and accepting that things will never go back to how they used to be. Accepting that permanent changes have been made, and adjusting to them. Trying to deal with uncertainty of the future. Still holding on.

But things have calmed down a bit. Still a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but definitely less intense. Slowly coming to terms. Learning a ton in the process, especially about myself.  Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #92”

Weekly Small Pleasures #90


I guess it was a yummy week! Full of good outdoor and homemade food and drink. The summer heat is getting to me though, not used to it. This is my first ever summer in Utah. I hope I can adapt to it but I feel like once I have, it just keeps getting hotter. I also attended an amazing event which I shall blog about in the near future. Read more about me weekly small pleasures: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #90”