¿Por Qué No? Taqueria in Portland, Oregon

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The ¿Por Qué No? (Why not?) taqueria in Portland, Oregon is one of our favorite places to eat because their prices are good and the food is really tasty. They have two locations, in N and SE Portland. Continue reading “¿Por Qué No? Taqueria in Portland, Oregon”


Bollywood Theater, Indian Street Food in Portland, Oregon


Last week I was googling for a good and cheap place to eat in Portland and I came across the Bollywood Theater website.

The first thing I checked was their menu and it got my attention right away. Their menu is nothing like any Indian restaurant I’ve ever been to, but the dishes rung authentic to India. Having spent so much time in India myself, and even learned some Indian cooking when I lived there, I had heard of most of these dishes but hadn’t actually tried them as they were all mostly “Indian street food.”

The pav bhaji and the vada pav, two different potato “patties” between buns, I know are a few favorites of Indian locals and often found in street stands along the Mumbai promenades. Not really found in restaurants at all. So, right off, this place got my attention. Continue reading “Bollywood Theater, Indian Street Food in Portland, Oregon”