Christmas In The Garden At The Oregon Garden

oregon garden christmas

Last weekend we spontaneously (as per usual) decided to drive an hour and a half to the Oregon Garden in Silverton to experience some Christmas spirit and we sure found it. “Christmas in the Garden” is basically what it sounds like… It is Christmas lights, Christmas music, German Christmas Market style Shops, Food and Drink, fire pits, Santa and (real!) reindeers, and ice skating. All it was missing was a little snow! Continue reading “Christmas In The Garden At The Oregon Garden”

Holiday Gift Guide For The Travel Lover

travel gift guide

If you are still looking for gift ideas I got some for you ranging from $8.98 – $199.99 USD. They all feature the subject travel in one way or another and some will also be perfect for the foodie, chocolate lover, artist, outdoor enthusiast, bookworm, and comfort creature. Take a look!  Continue reading “Holiday Gift Guide For The Travel Lover”

Guest Post: The Best Christmas Markets In Europe


European Christmas markets are becoming very popular, with more and more shoppers from the UK travelling abroad to pick up unusual gifts while soaking in the culture and atmosphere. There are lots of Christmas markets to choose from, and choosing the best one to visit can be difficult, so here are some of the top contenders to help make the selection easier. Continue reading “Guest Post: The Best Christmas Markets In Europe”

Christmas Around The World

Moon over Prague Christmas Market
Moon over Prague Christmas Market by Seb Duggan

I love Christmas time, don’t you? I know there is a lot of commercialization around it, which I don’t like but I can’t help myself feeling joy inside as I am surrounded by Christmas lights and even the December chill and wearing boots and coats and eating really deliciously and giving gifts. Ok, I admit I also enjoy receiving gifts. Oh and of course Christmas trees! There is something just so wonderful about having a real tree in your home.

I also like the feeling around Christmas, I feel like people exude a really joyful energy around town.  Continue reading “Christmas Around The World”

Magical Portland in The Winter

portland night christmas winter

When we first arrived to Oregon last year, we had come from a very long trip from India and we were planning to stay temporarily. Our finances were also pretty tight. This year we find ourselves living in the country about 35 miles from the city of Portland which we have been visiting every weekend for a few weeks.

Portland during the holidays is pretty magical. They have a giant Christmas tree at the heart of Portland, the Pioneer Courthouse Square, they have lights on the trees, people are joyful and out and about and movie theaters are playing old and new Christmas movies.

You can get a glimpse of this magic with the photos below: Continue reading “Magical Portland in The Winter”

Christmas Eve Spaghetti Dinner


I don’t know if you read last night’s post but I may have spoken too soon when I said we were not celebrating Christmas this year. After I posted my post, I went upstairs and found Diane in the laundry room. It was about 7pm on Christmas Eve so I figured they (Jason and Diane) had already had dinner, but Josh and I hadn’t and I didn’t feel like making something elaborate so I was going to make mac and cheese. But it turns out they hadn’t had dinner either, and Diane offered to make spaghetti and I would set the table. Continue reading “Christmas Eve Spaghetti Dinner”

My Vastly Different Christmases

Having such an ever-changing and unexpected life, I have experienced Christmas in many ways.

My favorite are still when I was a kid in Mexico City, and between the 24th and 25th I would go to grandma’s house, and my great-grandparent’s house, and my dad’s house, and everywhere I went I would eat delicious food and receive tons of presents which included the occasional ugly clothes, but mostly awesome presents. And then Santa, oh man! Santa gifts were the absolute best, and he would always eat my cookies and milk; I would leave him oreos. (Who can resist oreos and milk?) And finally, on the night of January 5th, Los Tres Reyes Magos (The Three Kings), would leave gifts as well. Continue reading “My Vastly Different Christmases”