11 Film and TV Coffee Shops You Can Visit For Real

tv film coffee shops infographic

Coffee shops – where life happens. How are coffee shops so pleasant? It’s the whole atmosphere to them, the chill vibe contrasted with energetic caffeine… People gather at coffee shops for many different reasons from catching up with friends, for a low-key first date, for a business meeting, for alone time without being judged, for doing university homework or freelance work. There are so many different uses for a coffee shop. Continue reading “11 Film and TV Coffee Shops You Can Visit For Real”


Barista Coffee and BrewCycle in Portland

portland brewbike4
Happy people on a pub crawl on the BrewCycle Portland

Two of the best things in Portland, Oregon are coffee and craft beer. You can find a plethora of both coffee shops and breweries all across Portland, and if you randomly end up in one chances are the coffee or beer you taste will be great.  Continue reading “Barista Coffee and BrewCycle in Portland”

Cereal, Coffee, Cats and Mangoes

Cereal is the best food. Usually, if you ask me what the best food is I go with chocolate, and maybe sushi. But right now I think cereal is the best food. I just had a bowl. I hadn’t had a bowl of cereal in weeks I think. I used to eat cereal almost everyday. It was so good. It’s so simple, just some crunchy things combined with yummy milk. When I was done eating, I wanted more.

Cereal is good any time of day. I think I could probably live off cereal, especially if I am allowed to eat different kinds instead of the same one all the time. Even corn flakes, the simplest of cereals are good, although I do tend to sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon on these. I found out recently that corn flakes were invented to prevent masturbation. What? Continue reading “Cereal, Coffee, Cats and Mangoes”