Mexican Food Around The World

tacos al pastor

Mexican food is the greatest. I may be biased because I am Mexican but I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like Mexican food. There are so many flavors and different dishes in this cuisine, many dating  way back. We make great of every meal of the day: breakfast, lunch/dinner, drink and dessert. More often than not, Mexican food is made with love. There is a passion that comes with it, and it brings people together. Continue reading “Mexican Food Around The World”

Savory Food Around The World

veritable quandary portland brunch

I love food. There I said it. My weekly small pleasures often involve food, and I think about food like all the time. I am for sure guilty of getting hangry and often getting mad at the internet for making me hungry and crave things I can’t get. I just realized I may be causing this for other people with this post. I apologize.

Food gives me pleasure and sometimes even suffering from craving it. I wish I was desireless, because that is the key to happiness, but food makes it real hard for me to atain desirelessness. Anyway, below are lots of yummy savory foods from across my travels, enjoy! Continue reading “Savory Food Around The World”