Looking Up Around The World

Pike Place Market Seattle

I’m very short so I tend to look up a lot. Sometimes we might miss something if we don’t. We are so used to looking down at our feet when we walk that we often forget to see beyond. In this series of photographs I show you what I saw when I looked up a few times around the world.   Continue reading “Looking Up Around The World”

Jubilant Around The World

duke gardens durham snow10

In this day and age I feel like people need to lighten up. Everyone is looking for something to fight about. People are fed up with things and they’re choosing to argue, fight, and protest about them instead of choosing the kind, giving, forgiving, cheerful, and understanding path. We think we are doing something good by fighting for “what’s right”, but what is right? We all have absolutely completely different notions of what’s right. Who’s right? Are we really that arrogant? Continue reading “Jubilant Around The World”

Faces Around The World

indian children

People’s faces tell stories. Their eyes, their frown lines, their smile lines, their spots (freckles, sun spots…), their color. All these things can tell you a lot about a person, especially if you pay attention, and everyone has their own unique version, even twins.

I invite you to come for a trip around the world through some faces I have captured in my travels. Continue reading “Faces Around The World”

Circles Around The World

colors of india

The circle is such a symbolic shape. It represents all kinds of deep meanings of cycles of life, and infinity. The circle shape is also one of the most useful ones. You would rarely eat or drink or store things in or from triangles shapes for example. There are many circles around the world in different forms, colors, sizes and functions. Check out my collection: Continue reading “Circles Around The World”

Trios Around The World


Sometimes, things come in threes the say. Well I found a few of those trios from across my travels. Enjoy! Continue reading “Trios Around The World”

The Adventure of Riding A Motorcycle In Rural India

india motorcycle rural

Riding or driving a motorcycle in India really is an adventure. Their crazy driving patterns and unique scenes make it a trip worth remembering.

Strangely, my husband and I may have fallen in love riding a motorcycle together during the trip in India when we met in 2008. I remember, dangerously, standing up on the motorcycle while hubby drove and opening my arms like the famous scene in Titanic. Love makes you do wild things am I right? (I think hubby was impressed too, at my sense of adventure.) Continue reading “The Adventure of Riding A Motorcycle In Rural India”

Take That, Rosetta!

This post was inspired by the Daily Post: That That, Rosetta!

If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills? Continue reading “Take That, Rosetta!”