Christmas In The Garden At The Oregon Garden

oregon garden christmas

Last weekend we spontaneously (as per usual) decided to drive an hour and a half to the Oregon Garden in Silverton to experience some Christmas spirit and we sure found it. “Christmas in the Garden” is basically what it sounds like… It is Christmas lights, Christmas music, German Christmas Market style Shops, Food and Drink, fire pits, Santa and (real!) reindeers, and ice skating. All it was missing was a little snow! Continue reading “Christmas In The Garden At The Oregon Garden”

Manchester: An Underrated City and Remaining Festivals of 2015

London often overshadows the bulk of cities in the UK because of its global appeal, the city being recognized as the business capital of the world, and its eclectic mix of cultures. However, there are many cities in the UK that showcase the same creative juices on a slightly smaller scale.

Manchester is one of those cities. Renowned for its rich music history as well as sports teams, Manchester is also home to highly regarded museums, theaters and art galleries. The city also hosts many annual festivals, which are attended by millions. Continue reading “Manchester: An Underrated City and Remaining Festivals of 2015”

An All-American Rodeo Experience in The Dalles, Oregon

the dalles oregon rodeo10

This was my first time at an American rodeo or any kind of rodeo. It was quite an experience. We visited The Dalles, Oregon this summer and and we found out that the big annual rodeo was happening that night so we decided to go.  It was a spontaneous decision, we didn’t know much about it but we decided to immerse in the culture a bit instead of have dinner at a nice restaurant.

The event was called The Fort Dalles Days Pro Rodeo. Continue reading “An All-American Rodeo Experience in The Dalles, Oregon”

Oregon Brew Fest By The Willamette River In Downtown Portland

oregon brew fest portland5

This year’s Oregon Brew Fest took place in July 23-27. Pouring 88 different craft beers from around the country plus another 100 in the Specialty Tent, the Oregon Brewers Festival is the quite the celebration of craft beer.

The fest takes place by the waterfront looking on the Willamette River, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a beer or ten. Continue reading “Oregon Brew Fest By The Willamette River In Downtown Portland”

Rose Festival City Fair, Portland OR

cityfair portland5

Portland’s CityFair comes alive for 3 full weekends every year starting on Memorial Day Weekend and it is part of the even bigger festivity, the Rose Festival.  Continue reading “Rose Festival City Fair, Portland OR”