The Best Ways To Beat Homesickness

Authentic chai cup! From the house where the milk was delivered.

Homesickness is the weirdest feeling. Anyone who has ever experienced it knows there is nothing quite like it. It can happen especially when you move to a new country or you move from home for the first time even if it’s just temporary. You feel completely displaced, weird and out of sorts. Nothing around you seems or feels right. Inside you there is a deep well of loneliness that you feel you will never be able to conquer. You feel sick, insecure and melancholy. Don’t despair. You are not alone. Understanding your homesickness can give you a real strategy for defeating it. Continue reading “The Best Ways To Beat Homesickness”

Why Culture Shock Is Good For You

cultureshock infographic

If you have ever moved to a different country, you have probably experienced culture shock. I know I have. Culture shock is the unexpected impact that comes from living a new life in a different environment with people from different cultural backgrounds. It can cause a lot of anxiety and frustration, but once you learn how to adapt to this new life, you can see how culture shock can be beneficial. Check out the infographic below to learn more: Continue reading “Why Culture Shock Is Good For You”

8 Easy Ways To Keep In Touch As An Expat

expat travel

Thinking about moving abroad but afraid to lose contact with friends and family? No worries! It is easier than ever to keep communication with close ones no matter how far apart you are. There are many different ways to do so to accommodate both parties’ preferences.

I moved away from my hometown in 2008 and haven’t been back (as a resident) ever since but I still have a close relationship with my family and friends back home because we have been able to keep communications open.

Here are the many great ways you can keep in touch: Continue reading “8 Easy Ways To Keep In Touch As An Expat”

10 Types of Expats Around The World

types expats

People move abroad for many different reasons. I for one, have moved abroad for 3 different reasons: to the UK for studies, to the US for love and to India for… it’s complicated. My most recent move to the Pacific Northwest, I guess making it reason #4, was supposed to be a temporary visit to renew a visa which ended being a long-term stay. Two months have now turned into two years.

And I also have moved (within the US) for random reasons… “throw a dart at the map” kind of move. That makes reason #5. So, I’m not your typical expat.

Are you an expat? If so, what kind? The infographic below lists a few types based on real people.  Continue reading “10 Types of Expats Around The World”

7 Habits I Picked Up When I Moved to the USA


I wrote about the Mexican habits I lost when I moved to the US, but I’ve also picked up some new American habits during my time here.  Continue reading “7 Habits I Picked Up When I Moved to the USA”

The Foodies Top Food Markets Around The World

food markets

When traveling, I am all for visiting the local markets. It’s a very fulfilling experience and a great way to submerge oneself in the local culture and eat delicious fresh food.

The infographic below looks at a handful of major cities from Canada to Spain, and their most popular or renowned traditional food markets as places of interest, offering helpful facts about how many stalls to expect as well as the opening days and times.

These markets are ideal for foodies and travelers alike.  Continue reading “The Foodies Top Food Markets Around The World”

Things I Forgot To Take Care Of (Or Could Have Done Better) Before Moving Abroad

airplane window view

I have moved across countries four times so far in my life, some were planned ahead and some were more unpredictable. Moving abroad can be stressful because there are a lot of things one needs to do before leaving and prepare for living in the new country. Sometimes the list can be so long that we forget to do some things or we later wish we had done some of the things better.

I learned that having traveled extensively around the world doesn’t teach you about actually moving to a new country. They are two completely different things. Continue reading “Things I Forgot To Take Care Of (Or Could Have Done Better) Before Moving Abroad”

Riding A Motorcycle To The Fruit Market In Rural India

fruit market india4

When we lived in India in 2013, we were about a 10 minute scooter ride to a fruit market, well, more like a big fruit stand. It took us a bit of time to have the courage to venture out on our own as we had to enter the main crazy road to get there. It became our little weekly adventure.  Continue reading “Riding A Motorcycle To The Fruit Market In Rural India”

10 Mexican Habits I Lost When I Moved to the USA

acapulco mexico 15 de septiembre
Mexico’s Independence Day and mariachis in the background.

I was born and raised in Mexico City. I lived there for 18 years of my life before I moved abroad for the first time to London. Currently, I have been living in the US for over 5 years now (plus a few months in India in between), so some of my Mexicans habits have definitely changed over time to adapt to this country.  Continue reading “10 Mexican Habits I Lost When I Moved to the USA”

Gone, But Not Forgotten

tulip farm oregon 7
Tulips in the Spring!

We all have things that we reminisce about. We all see and live through things that remain in the back of our minds for a long time. We all have memories. Some of these things can be relived, and some are lost and gone, but not forgotten.

These are some photo examples in my life of things and such that I once had but have not been forgotten for one reason or another: Continue reading “Gone, But Not Forgotten”