Fruit Around The World


After chocolate and cheese, I think fruit is another one of my favorite foods. I haven’t met a fruit I didn’t like and they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. You will also find a different selection depending on which country you’re in.

I’ve had the pleasure to grow up in a country where fruit is abundant and delicious, and I’ve also had the pleasure to travel and taste different fruits across the world. Enjoy this photo-series: Continue reading “Fruit Around The World”

Sweet Food Around The World


I have the biggest sweet tooth. I am a sucker for desserts and I can admit to being a chocoholic. Naturally, I don’t stop myself from trying new sweet treats when I travel, and sometimes even photograph them. But I don’t stop at sweet; savory food takes a place in my heart as well.

Below you will find a photo series of sweet, fruity and decadent foods from across my travels, enjoy!: Continue reading “Sweet Food Around The World”

Mercado de Jamaica – A Must Visit In Mexico City Part II


In my first post about the mercado de Jamaica (Jamaica Market) in Mexico City, I showed the abundant colors of available flowers and plants in the market. But flora is not all there is in this amazing place.

You can find beautiful food too; ready to eat grilled corn and other snacks, stunning fruits and vegetables, seas of candy (traditional and otherwise), and more. Plus, all sizes of bright piñatas, incense and candles, and during Christmas time, any figure you can think of for your nativity scene. This market is very vivid and will be a tour for all your senses. Take the visual tour now: Continue reading “Mercado de Jamaica – A Must Visit In Mexico City Part II”

Stainless Steel and Food Go So Well Together In India

indian cooking
The kitchen in our house in India.

If you’ve been to India, you probably ate in India, and your food was probably served in stainless steel plates at least once.

When I lived in India and went shopping for household goods, I encountered all kinds of kitchen items: plates, glasses, pots, serving plates, food containers, cooking utensils… and most of them were silvery grey. Metal was definitely predominant over plastic, ceramic and glass.

A kitchenware shop. See all the shiny stainless steel and brass?

Continue reading “Stainless Steel and Food Go So Well Together In India”

Fictitious Dishes: Literature’s Most Memorable Meals

“‘Have some wine,’ the March Hare said in an encouraging tone. Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea.”

Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals is a book by Dinah Fried of meals from celebrated literature—ranging from The Secret Garden to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. She exquisitely transforms the meals described in prominent written works into visual form, with table settings perfectly arranged to create the atmosphere portrayed by the author. I absolutely loved her work and I couldn’t not share (pardon the double negative.) Continue reading “Fictitious Dishes: Literature’s Most Memorable Meals”

A Culinary Day in India


This short film by The Perennial Plate compiles three weeks of filming, traveling and eating in India into “one day”.

You can almost taste the food, smell the smells and feel the warmth of the sun as it sets. Full of energy, joy, and culture, this is what India is about.

This video will make you hungry for India.


A Lovely Saturday In Portland

portland autumn

Yesterday (Saturday), we woke up and decided to treat ourselves to a nice brunch. We found a place downtown Portland through Google that sounded good to us. It ended being perfect. The Veritable Quandary is in downtown but away from the hustle and bustle with an amazing outdoor dining space and a glass-walled dining room. It is walking distance from the waterfront where we really enjoyed a digestive walk afterwards.  Continue reading “A Lovely Saturday In Portland”

I made mattar paneer and saffron rice

mattar paneer and rice
Saffron rice with cashews and mattar paneer

Last Sunday, I made two Indian recipes I had wanted to try: Mattar Paneer which is a north Indian dish of paneer (the most common type of cheese used in South Asian cuisines) and peas in a lightly sweet and spicy sauce. And saffron rice which is pretty self-explanatory.

I find Indian food complicated because of the amount of ingredients needed. This recipe for mattar paneer, for example, calls for 9 different spices plus sugar, salt, and cornstarch, and the other main ingredients: tomatoes, paneer, and peas.

My attempt was a success. Continue reading “I made mattar paneer and saffron rice”

I Made Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding)

kheer rice pudding

In my most recent list of Indian dishes I want to make, I included kheer, the Indian rice pudding. It is a lot more delicious and exotic than regular rice pudding. Although I would never deny a Mexican rice pudding either.

I finally got all the ingredients I needed to make kheer, and two afternoons ago, I made kheer for the first time, and I did with success. Continue reading “I Made Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding)”

Indian Dishes I Want To Learn How To Make (Part II)

indian food

We have been living in India for two months now and I already know so much more about Indian food than I ever knew before living here, even having visited India over ten times and been to many Indian restaurants around the world.

Now, I know the names in Hindi and Marathi of many vegetables and spices, I also learned about and tasted ingredients I have never used or even heard of before (such as fenugreek, asafoetida and jaggery), and I learned that coriander and cilantro is the same thing. Continue reading “Indian Dishes I Want To Learn How To Make (Part II)”