Top 5 European Cities For Foodies

food in paris

(Image via Flickr by Connie Ma)

Some people like to choose their travel destination based on landmarks, museums, and outdoor activities. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people nurturing a passion for food: the foodies! These people love visiting food markets, trying new restaurants, and cooking with new ingredients; finding pleasure whether it be sipping wine in Bordeaux, eating pizza in Naples, or having a one-of-a-kind dining experience at a Michelin-star restaurant in Copenhagen. Many companies are catching on to this movement and even offering world-class dining itineraries. Continue reading “Top 5 European Cities For Foodies”

San Francisco’s Food Scene & The Locavore Lifestyle

san fran food scene

San Francisco produces so much locally sourced food it is no wonder that it is considered the food capital of the US. Did you know that California produces more than half of America’s fruits, vegetables and nuts? And 100% of US grown artichokes?

You can learn more with the infographic below about things like the “locavore” lifestyle of those who eat only locally grown and produced food; the slow food movement that has members from 150 countries and brings awareness and alternative healthy food choices; food trends like kale and coconut and new ones to look out for (have you heard of ‘Nduja?); the restaurant scene of San Fran where there are more restaurantes per capita than any other US city; and more! Continue reading “San Francisco’s Food Scene & The Locavore Lifestyle”

Monthly Best Of: March 2015


March was interesting. The biggest thing that happened to us was our further involvement with the Red Cross. We were deployed to work at our first shelter which opened for some residents that were displaced for a night because of strong winds causing several trees to fall over their apartment complex. We also had tons of training which involved a 8 hour road trip (roundtrip) for a weekend. We met our Disaster Services Manager and we both passed our Emergency Response Vehicle driving test as I mentioned in the last weekly small pleasures post.

I am looking forward to doing more training needed to be a great Red Cross volunteer. In other news, our kitty won’t be going into heat anymore because she got spayed this week. She recovered amazingly. Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: March 2015”

The Foodies Top Food Markets Around The World

food markets

When traveling, I am all for visiting the local markets. It’s a very fulfilling experience and a great way to submerge oneself in the local culture and eat delicious fresh food.

The infographic below looks at a handful of major cities from Canada to Spain, and their most popular or renowned traditional food markets as places of interest, offering helpful facts about how many stalls to expect as well as the opening days and times.

These markets are ideal for foodies and travelers alike.  Continue reading “The Foodies Top Food Markets Around The World”