Driving In France – A How To Guide

driving france euroDriving in another country can be scary. Are the road signs clear? Are there any unwritten rules I should follow? What are the speed limits? Which documents do I need? With the Euro 2016 upon us, many will be venturing into driving the roads of Marseille or Lens in France.

Below you will find useful information including answers to the above questions and road sign vocab. There is also useful information for those following Ireland, Wales and England with match locations and cost of travel.   Continue reading “Driving In France – A How To Guide”

A Guide To Planning Your Euro 2016 Road Trip

euro 2016

Are there any football fanatics out there? Anyone planning to follow their team over in France? Or maybe you are just planning on watching your team in its home nation.

I remember in 2008 watching Deutschland play in Berlin at a free outdoor event where they set up a giant inflatable screen and so many people were there. It was so fun! Great atmosphere. I bet that even if you don’t like football, you would enjoy watching it this way; with a bratwurst on one hand and a beer on the other.  Continue reading “A Guide To Planning Your Euro 2016 Road Trip”

Watching Football Soccer In Berlin When Germany Plays

The German flag twists during a Eurocup game in Berlin.
The German flag twists during a Eurocup game in Berlin. (2008)

On 2008, my best friend and I went backpacking around Europe and we happened to be in Berlin during the Eurocup. I don’t remember who they were playing against or even if they won (woops) but I do remember it being a super fun experience.  Continue reading “Watching Football Soccer In Berlin When Germany Plays”