6 Delicious Mango Smoothie Recipes

mango smoothie2

Mango is my favourite fruit. It may be from growing up in Mexico City where mangoes are abundant and I regularly enjoyed Manila mango to accompany my breakfast or even dinner. Or it may be from my multiple travels to India where you can find the most exquisite Alphonso mangoes and enjoy them fresh, in ice cream form or in a lassi (yogurt drink). Or it simply may be because mangoes are bright, delightful and plain delicious.  Continue reading “6 Delicious Mango Smoothie Recipes”

Fruit Around The World


After chocolate and cheese, I think fruit is another one of my favorite foods. I haven’t met a fruit I didn’t like and they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. You will also find a different selection depending on which country you’re in.

I’ve had the pleasure to grow up in a country where fruit is abundant and delicious, and I’ve also had the pleasure to travel and taste different fruits across the world. Enjoy this photo-series: Continue reading “Fruit Around The World”

Watermelon, Basil and Coconut Agua Fresca Recipe

watermelon fresca5

There’s nothing like a refreshing and fruity agua fresca during the warm days of summer. This one here is a blend of watermelon, basil and coconut for a delicious quenching drink. Continue reading “Watermelon, Basil and Coconut Agua Fresca Recipe”

Pink Summer Smoothie

pink smoothie

This pretty looking smoothie will satisfy many of your senses. Featuring mango and raspberries, it’s a perfect summer smoothie to start your day or for a mid-day snack.  Continue reading “Pink Summer Smoothie”

Tropical Celery Smoothie

This is a wonderful refreshing, health packed smoothie. Featuring the sweetness of tropical fruit like pineapple and mango, the creaminess and protein of cashews, and the hydrating natural electrolytes of coconut water, this one will take you on a daydream trip to a remote island and nourish your body at the same time. Continue reading “Tropical Celery Smoothie”

Riding A Motorcycle To The Fruit Market In Rural India

fruit market india4

When we lived in India in 2013, we were about a 10 minute scooter ride to a fruit market, well, more like a big fruit stand. It took us a bit of time to have the courage to venture out on our own as we had to enter the main crazy road to get there. It became our little weekly adventure.  Continue reading “Riding A Motorcycle To The Fruit Market In Rural India”

Mango Lassi Breakfast Bowl

mango lassi bowl3

This couldn’t be more delicious, especially if mango is one of your favorite fruits, like it is mine. It’s also really easy to make!

It’s basically a mango lassi, a bit thicker, thrown in a bowl and topped with delicious fresh fruit, toasted cashews and coconut. And the greek yogurt adds protein to the mix. This breakfast will surely be a good start for your day .  Continue reading “Mango Lassi Breakfast Bowl”

Strawberry Basil and Roasted Beet Smoothie Bowl

beet smoothie bowl12

This was my first attempt at a smoothie bowl and it was a winner. I made it two mornings in a row and again the next week with a modified recipe.

Smoothies are great on the go, but if you have time to eat at home the smoothie bowl is the way to go because you can add toppings with different textures, it will be more satisfying and might make you feel fuller.

The fresh basil along with the vibrant red strawberries and beets in this one is such a delicious combination.  Continue reading “Strawberry Basil and Roasted Beet Smoothie Bowl”

Coconut Nectarine Oatmeal

coconut nectarine oatmeal

I’m a bit obsessed with this recipe lately. It brightens up my day. It’s easy, quick and oh so delicious. Perfect to start your summer days. Continue reading “Coconut Nectarine Oatmeal”

This Week’s Small Pleasures

happycollage3 Continue reading “This Week’s Small Pleasures”