These Words Inspired Me To Speak Up and They Might Inspire You Too

A few months ago an inspiring man gave me these words and they really made an impact in my life. They helped me reach deep down and find the honesty within myself and helped me express that same honesty outwards without fear of people’s opinions. It’s still a work in progress but it was a great needed boost to reach that goal. That goal where you are completely true to yourself all the time, not minding what people might think of you, not minding if people might judge you, not minding if it’s the “normal” thing to do or say. Continue reading “These Words Inspired Me To Speak Up and They Might Inspire You Too”

Amartithi – A Magical Three Day Celebration in Meherabad, India

Amartithi in India

Amartithi is a very special event taking place every year from January 29-31 in the town of Meherabad in the state of Maharashtra, India which hosts around 12,000 overnight visitors, and about 30,000 daytime visitors from all over the world during this three-day program in celebration of Meher Baba. Continue reading “Amartithi – A Magical Three Day Celebration in Meherabad, India”

A Personal, Honest and Vulnerable Letter To The World

india2015 samadhi12

Dear everyone,

I have been inspired to speak up. Continue reading “A Personal, Honest and Vulnerable Letter To The World”

We Are All Actors

“For better or for worse, the world of motion pictures has grown extensively within the larger world of so-called realities. But the film world is not foreign to the “real” world — the two are affiliated so intimately that they can be seen essentially to be made of the same fabric. Everyone is, in a sense, an actor and the world has often been compared to the stage by poets and philosophers. In point of fact, much of what passes for “action” in modern life can be called little but “acting,” and so the larger world has little ground to regard only the film world as being imitative. Continue reading “We Are All Actors”

That Time When I Left Everything And Took A Chance On My Soulmate

I have written about the time when I took a chance on life and changed it drastically to go live with my soulmate and live a life surrendered to God, but I haven’t told you about the actual moment when I left my old life and joined my new life, which was taking a major chance on itself.  Continue reading “That Time When I Left Everything And Took A Chance On My Soulmate”

I Believe

washington park rose test garden
Rose Test Garden, Portland

I don’t believe in fighting,

I don’t believe in politics,

I don’t believe in drugs,

I don’t believe in judging,

and I don’t believe in lies.


I believe in chocolate and cheese,

I believe in wine and tea,

I believe in kindness, forgiveness, and love,

I believe in service and selflessness,

I believe in karma and reincarnation,

I believe in dancing in the kitchen,

I believe in doing nothing,

I believe in compassion and empathy,

I believe in mountains and flowers,

I believe in going with the flow,

I believe that suffering can be a blessing,

but most of all, I believe in God.

This poem is brought to you in response to today’s Daily Prompt: I BelieveContinue reading “I Believe”

Is it crazy to go against society’s expectations?

Today’s Daily Prompt suits me perfectly:

Sometimes, we act on impulse: it could be something as small as ordering that special dessert on the menu, maybe asking out that cute boy or girl, or as large quitting your job and selling everything you own to become a shepherd in New Zealand. What’s the most crazy, outrageously impulsive thing you’ve ever done?

Before September of 2009, I was living a pretty normal life. I had lots of friends, got along with my family, had traveled quite a bit, was studying filmmaking abroad, had a boyfriend of my age, believed in God, and was on my way to a normal life with a career and suiting society’s expectations.

On September of 2009 however, I went against everyone’s (friends, family and society) expectations and decided to drop out of college, move to the US with a guy quite a bit older than me whom I met while traveling in India about a year before, and live a life surrendered to God.

There was drama. It was very hard to do because of all the opposition I encountered, but God gave me the strength. About 4 years later, we are happily married and our life has been a constant adventure. Continue reading “Is it crazy to go against society’s expectations?”

“How long will you go on wandering like this?”

The pink path.
The pink path.

This morning, I came across this text and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It must be a direct message from God, and I’d like to share it with you as a note to self: Continue reading ““How long will you go on wandering like this?””

“How Did God Tell You To Move To India?”

train why banner
Train passing by in India.

I have actually gotten this question a few times, along with the question: “why did you move to India?”

In my “About Me” page I tell you that we moved to India because God “said” so.

Let me elaborate. Continue reading ““How Did God Tell You To Move To India?””

Maya’s Play and Failing God

During our 10 days at MPR, Josh was dealing with Dilshad, the man that had come to India to help us, and after some days realized that he definitely overcharged us for phones, and was overcharging to start the company. We were finding that we were being overcharged A LOT in India so far, simply because Josh is a white American. After some days, Josh told me that we should have come straight to Ahmednagar and this man wasn’t help from God (what we first thought) but a deterrent from what God really wanted us to do. When I heard Josh say this, I felt instant sadness and pain and frustration. Let me explain: Continue reading “Maya’s Play and Failing God”