Weekly Small Pleasures #106


This week gave me more small pleasures than usual.. but I think in reality I just noticed more than usual. Either way… here they are: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #106”

Weekly Small Pleasures #95


So many changes in the last couple of months. Big changes still occurring. Transition time. I’ll probably make an official announcement about one of those changes in the next couple of weeks. I hate transition time. You’d think I’d be used to it by now considering I have moved almost every year, sometimes multiple times a year, in the last 8 years. Anyway, I won’t give too many hints, but needless to say, I’ve been a bit stressed and anxious. Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #95”

Weekly Small Pleasures #91 – The Most Personal One Yet

juniper trail logan

This week was one of the hardest of my entire life. A [metaphorical] nuclear bomb dropped on my life (or maybe I should say I dropped a nuclear bomb on my own life), and the radiation affected many people, some permanently.

Following the bomb, I didn’t eat or drink anything besides water for 46 hours straight (I do wonder how that was even possible, the body can definitely do crazy things when it’s in distress), and I skipped my workout class all week. Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #91 – The Most Personal One Yet”

Weekly Small Pleasures #90


I guess it was a yummy week! Full of good outdoor and homemade food and drink. The summer heat is getting to me though, not used to it. This is my first ever summer in Utah. I hope I can adapt to it but I feel like once I have, it just keeps getting hotter. I also attended an amazing event which I shall blog about in the near future. Read more about me weekly small pleasures: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #90”

Weekly Small Pleasures #89

happy collage

First of all, I gotta apologize for the regular participants of this blog event because I skipped two weeks in a row (I have no excuse). The last three weeks have been relatively uneventful, pretty routine. Same old stuff with a few good moments here and there, I will include moments from all three weeks.  Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #89”

Weekly Small Pleasures #88

happy collage

I guess looking back it was a pretty good week. Besides having insomnia one night, which wasn’t terribly bad, and not sleeping well a couple of nights, I had some really nice moments, mostly involving food and the BEST FB chats. So here are some of my week’s pleasures: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #88”

Weekly Small Pleasures #87

collage happy

Even though it was kind of a tough week, having a different physical pain every day and some emotional rough patches too, I did have some good moments across the days. Check them out: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #87”

Weekly Small Pleasures #86

happy collage

It was a pretty chill week (not unusually), and I had the pleasure to enjoy several moments here and there.  Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #86”

Weekly Small Pleasures #85

small pleasures

Last week I was in Mexico City for my birthday enjoying friends and family. I had an amazing trip and it was rather one big continuous pleasure. This week getting back was quiet and I just focused on catching up with my normal life and routine.

Here are a few pleasures from the week: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #85”

Weekly Small Pleasures #83

small pleasures

I had a pretty chill week. I spent a lot of time taking care of the home this week (cooking, cleaning, etc) because I had a minor IT band injury and chose to recover before I went back to the gym and made it worse, so I only worked out twice this week and we didn’t go hiking either. I did start a rehab and strengthening therapy for recovery and prevention of IT band and hip injuries caused by weak hips and gluteus medius muscles. Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #83”