Snow Visits Portland, OR! And Why It Was The Best Day I’ve Had In A While

Windy! But I’m so happy, I don’t feel cold.

Today was a great day. The best I’ve had in a while. Continue reading “Snow Visits Portland, OR! And Why It Was The Best Day I’ve Had In A While”

A Culinary Day in India


This short film by The Perennial Plate compiles three weeks of filming, traveling and eating in India into “one day”.

You can almost taste the food, smell the smells and feel the warmth of the sun as it sets. Full of energy, joy, and culture, this is what India is about.

This video will make you hungry for India.


Christmas Eve Spaghetti Dinner


I don’t know if you read last night’s post but I may have spoken too soon when I said we were not celebrating Christmas this year. After I posted my post, I went upstairs and found Diane in the laundry room. It was about 7pm on Christmas Eve so I figured they (Jason and Diane) had already had dinner, but Josh and I hadn’t and I didn’t feel like making something elaborate so I was going to make mac and cheese. But it turns out they hadn’t had dinner either, and Diane offered to make spaghetti and I would set the table. Continue reading “Christmas Eve Spaghetti Dinner”


airplane window

In my life I have traveled extensively, but I haven’t been very lucky about having amazing views out the window of the airplane. It has always been that we are too high to see anything, or it is too dark to see anything, or I’m just not sitting on the window seat. Up until two weeks ago when I traveled from Portland to Mexico City via Dallas. Continue reading “PDX – DFW – MEX”

It’s Official: I’m Visiting My Hometown

mexico city view
The view from my old apartment in Mexico City. (Taken in 2007)

A few hours ago I got my ticket to fly to my hometown this weekend. I was born and raised in Mexico City and had an awesome life there but I always knew I wanted to live abroad. I loved Mexico City, there was no reason why I shouldn’t want to stay, but I always had the travel bug, and that meant not staying in Mexico after graduating High School. When I was 19, I moved to London. I went straight from my lifelong home to a country about 6000 miles away, and that’s when the crazy adventures began and still continue. Continue reading “It’s Official: I’m Visiting My Hometown”

2 Days in Seattle, WA (Part II: The Museum Of Flight)

museum of flight seattle
Museum of Flight, Seattle

Yesterday I posted about the first day of our 2 day trip to Seattle. On the second day we spent most of the time at the amazing Museum of Flight, but let me take you through our day. Continue reading “2 Days in Seattle, WA (Part II: The Museum Of Flight)”

2 Days In Seattle, WA (Part I)

seattle skyline

As you may or may not know, depending on how much you follow my posts, Josh and I are temporarily in Portland renewing our Indian visas. (A process that is taking 10 times longer than it should). We have been in Portland for over a month now, so last Friday we decided to rent a car and head to Seattle on Saturday for a night. Josh lived in Seattle for 7 years, but his last time there was in 2005. As for myself, I had never been to Washington state before, so I was very excited because I love traveling to new places and especially because Josh always said that I would love Seattle. Continue reading “2 Days In Seattle, WA (Part I)”

A Lovely Saturday In Portland

portland autumn

Yesterday (Saturday), we woke up and decided to treat ourselves to a nice brunch. We found a place downtown Portland through Google that sounded good to us. It ended being perfect. The Veritable Quandary is in downtown but away from the hustle and bustle with an amazing outdoor dining space and a glass-walled dining room. It is walking distance from the waterfront where we really enjoyed a digestive walk afterwards.  Continue reading “A Lovely Saturday In Portland”

Portland Farmers Market

portland farmers market
Portland Farmers Market

Today, we went to the Portland Farmers Market downtown (my idea). When we lived in Durham, NC, the hours of the Saturday Farmers Market were 8am – noon. My question is: who wants to wake up that early on a Saturday? We certainly don’t, we like sleeping. So when I found out that the market here in Portland ended at 2pm I was happy. We left the house around 11am with still plenty of time to hang out at the market.  Continue reading “Portland Farmers Market”

Washington Park Rose Test Garden

washington park rose test garden

The week we arrived to Portland it was very cloudy and rainy. For a few days now, we have had amazing weather. Yesterday we dropped by the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park.  Continue reading “Washington Park Rose Test Garden”