7 Delicious Green Smoothies To Try

mango lassi spinach5

If part of your resolutions for this year was to be healthier: eat healthier, lose weight.. etc I got some delicious healthy treats you can try for the morning, midday or even post-workout. Even if you didn’t make resolutions, I recommend these to everyone looking for something fresh, tasty, healthy, easy and yummy.

I can attest to all these green smoothies as I don’t really like the taste of lettuce when I drink from a cup, all of these will make your taste buds, your heart, your tummy and your mind happy. Give them a try! Continue reading “7 Delicious Green Smoothies To Try”

4 Things That Can Affect Your Health When Travelling


I am a real travel lover, whenever I can, I hop on a plane and head off to somewhere else. I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling during my life, so I am quite experienced when it comes to the ups and downs of exploring new places.

Today, I thought I would talk about how travelling can affect your health. While there are many benefits of exploring the world, one of the major downsides is the effect that it can have on your health. Continue reading “4 Things That Can Affect Your Health When Travelling”

5 Delicious Beet Smoothies To Try

Beet and strawberry smoothie.

Beets like to grow in the Fall, so you might come across them at the supermarket soon. If you don’t like beets, I recommend you try them in smoothie form. The smoothies below featuring beets do not taste like beets; they’re delicious, filling and super good for you. Continue reading “5 Delicious Beet Smoothies To Try”

Product Recommendation: BERTRAND – The Organic Meal Replacement Shake


For a while I have been intrigued by meal replacement beverages like Soylent which provide all the nutrients a person needs in powder form that creates a shake.

When I came across BERTRAND my interest peaked because it seems to be the only certified organic option out there and it is produced in Germany, which was a plus for me as I currently and sadly don’t trust food in America very much. The more I found out about BERTRAND the more I wanted to try the product.  Continue reading “Product Recommendation: BERTRAND – The Organic Meal Replacement Shake”

Papaya Mint Smoothie

papaya mint smoothie

This green smoothie is full of nutrition and yumminess. The stars in this blend are the delicious papaya and mint.  Continue reading “Papaya Mint Smoothie”

Product Review: FitAID – The Performance and Recovery Drink


If you workout intensely or for long periods of time, FitAID is the drink for you. It was created very thoughtfully to provide the body the nutrients it needs for fitness performance and recovery. It’s even made with all natural ingredients! Set aside your old sports beverage and make room for FitAID, you’ll thank me later. Read on to find out more about this superior fitness concoction.  Continue reading “Product Review: FitAID – The Performance and Recovery Drink”

Super Kale Pesto

kale pesto

Pesto is a classic Italian sauce dish traditionally prepared by grounding and pounding the ingredients in mortar and pestle. It is usually made with garlic, basil, and pine nuts blended with olive oil and cheese. Pesto can be used in a number of ways: with pasta, on bread, with beef, potatoes and even roasted veggies.

This particular recipe is super healthy as its main ingredients are the certified superfood kale, and the healthiest herb basil. It is so delicious too! Continue reading “Super Kale Pesto”

Bright Berry Beet Smoothie

berry beet smoothie

I promise, roasted beets are awesome in smoothies. Not only do they make the prettiest color, beets are really good for you! When roasted their natural sweetness comes out and they also taste more delicious. Add berries and a few other ingredients, and you get a super nutritional, good-looking and tasty smoothie! Continue reading “Bright Berry Beet Smoothie”

Superfood Spotlight: Spirulina


Spirulina is a superfood that has been ignored for decades, but this “miracle” plant is packed with complete proteins and its nutritional benefits are impressive to say the least. It is a great food especially for vegetarians, vegans, anemics, diabetics and those who cannot get enough nutrients because of economic or situational circumstances. Of course, it is great for everyone else too.

This plant doesn’t come from the garden though, it is a form of blue-green algae that springs from warm, fresh water bodies which is turned into a powder and blends right into smoothies, soups, snacks, and other foods.  Continue reading “Superfood Spotlight: Spirulina”

Watermelon, Basil and Coconut Agua Fresca Recipe

watermelon fresca5

There’s nothing like a refreshing and fruity agua fresca during the warm days of summer. This one here is a blend of watermelon, basil and coconut for a delicious quenching drink. Continue reading “Watermelon, Basil and Coconut Agua Fresca Recipe”