2016 Very Serious New Year’s Resolutions

Last year I shared with you my 20 new year’s resolutions. I don’t think I did very well by keeping them, like usual.

But here are 21 more of them for this year anyway: Continue reading “2016 Very Serious New Year’s Resolutions”

Pie Charts I Drew Describing My 15 Hour Transatlantic Flight

long flight chart1 flight chart3

Today I fly to India. After two short flights across the US, I go on board a Boeing 777 (my favorite plane) and fly straight to India for 15 hours (and almost 16 hours on the way back.)

As I prepare for this flight, I created some charts of how my journey will most likely look like. Given that I have done this before a few times, I have a pretty good idea.  Continue reading “Pie Charts I Drew Describing My 15 Hour Transatlantic Flight”

My Husband’s Wisdom OR Shit My Husband Says

tulip farm oregon josh

I have been told by strangers: “I bet your husband makes you laugh”; he was known as Sir Joshua at the Walgreens near our previous residence where he was actually once “knighted” at the cash register, and he once brought a life-size cardboard Sheldon (from the Big Bang Theory) to work. Continue reading “My Husband’s Wisdom OR Shit My Husband Says”