Can You Be Both A City Girl And A Country Girl?

city girl country girl.jpg

I have lived in a big city for most of my life. In fact, in one of the biggest cities in the world, Mexico City. After full 19 years living there, my first move was to another big city, London. I love the city; I love city activities like going to the theater, walking around downtown, going in and out of shops, dining, museums, coffee shops, concerts, festivals…

The irony of it is that I am an introvert, whom is usually characterized by hating crowds and noise and preferring peace and quiet.  Continue reading “Can You Be Both A City Girl And A Country Girl?”

77 Things That Make Me Happy

#47 Pain au chocolat

In response to the IBQ Writing Prompt: What is Happiness? here is a list of things that make me happy (in no particular order). How similar are we?   Continue reading “77 Things That Make Me Happy”

The Wanderer In Me

I dream about traveling ALL the time. I fantasize about going to so many places, I look at pictures of places around the world every day. I even have a tumblr where I curate all these amazing photographs and include my own.   Continue reading “The Wanderer In Me”

My Self-Confidence Paradox

Frankly, I think I am pretty awesome, just like that cat.

Of course there are some things I don’t like about myself, but overall I believe I am very cool.

Bare with me as I brag about myself starting now (there is a point to this): Continue reading “My Self-Confidence Paradox”

Creative VS. Artistic (And Debunking The Right-Brain VS. Left-Brain Myth)

For the longest time I used to consider myself  a “right-brain” person. I came to this conclusion because to my knowledge the right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks while the left side is best at logical and analytical thinking. Since always, my main interests have always involved art. I have done it all: painting, dancing, photography, music, filmmaking… and I love all of it. My passions have always had an artistic focus and would never consider any kind of career in say, economics, political science, or math. It’s just not me. Therefore, I am a “right-brain” thinker, right? Wrong. Continue reading “Creative VS. Artistic (And Debunking The Right-Brain VS. Left-Brain Myth)”

The Value of Solitude and The Dreaded Question: “What Do You Do?”

me snow durham nc
“Joyful solitude” Me at Duke Gardens.

I value solitude, and I think a lot of people do. Let me start off by clarifying that I don’t mean loneliness, which is actually a sad thing to feel, but solitude, the feeling of being content while being alone. Solitude is a major component for me to remain at peace; solitude for me is almost as important as breathing. I don’t need to have solitude all the time as I need air to breathe, but I need it every day.

I also really enjoy the opposite of solitude, at times. I very much enjoy hanging out with my best friends, I enjoy going to markets, I enjoy going to museums, I enjoy going out to eat with family, and I even enjoy house parties and “game nights” quite a bit. In fact, I’m kind of a sucker for game nights. However, one key part of me enjoying all these non-solitudarian (made up word) activities is that they are done with people I know, and mostly people I know very well, hence the words “best friends” and “family”. Continue reading “The Value of Solitude and The Dreaded Question: “What Do You Do?””