7 Cities To Visit In Europe

cities visit europe

Europe is the best continent. The diversity it offers is immense. The history it contains is rich. The flavors it provides are succulent. It has something for everyone.

I feel like people in Europe know how to live. With so many places to visit, I give you here just 7 that are definitely worth exploring.  Continue reading “7 Cities To Visit In Europe”

Dining Etiquette Around The World Infographic #2

dining world infographic

Travelling around the world allows you to learn a lot about certain countries, you can discover all about their culture but you can also learn a lot about their dining etiquette. What is considered rude in one country can be a compliment in another. Slurping, for example is generally thought to be rude but they actively encourage it in Japan as it shows appreciation for the food.

Below is an infographic by MyBreakTrip which looks at dining etiquette around the world. It will take you through 5 very different countries and their customs and traditions when it comes to eating. Continue reading “Dining Etiquette Around The World Infographic #2”

Top 5 Places I Have Been To

Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy
Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy

I was inspired by Alex’s post to write about my top 5 places I’ve been to. Having visited 20 countries and many more cities in the world, I’ve had the pleasure to meet many amazing places, but here are 5 that really made it to the top in my mind.  Continue reading “Top 5 Places I Have Been To”

Rome, A Tiny Dot In The Vast Amazingness of Italy

Rome, Italy

Oh Italy, how enchanting can you be. From historical ruins, to impressive art, sublime food, amazing scenery, and wonderful night walks by the river with gelato in hand. I don’t know what it is about you that you hypnotize my soul and makes you have my heart and the ones of many others.  Continue reading “Rome, A Tiny Dot In The Vast Amazingness of Italy”

The Wanderer In Me

I dream about traveling ALL the time. I fantasize about going to so many places, I look at pictures of places around the world every day. I even have a tumblr where I curate all these amazing photographs and include my own.   Continue reading “The Wanderer In Me”

Dining Etiquette Around The World Infographic

Don’t stick your chopsticks into your rice in Japan and don’t eat with your left hand in India.

Confused about dining etiquette abroad? This colorful infographic with advice on everything from tips to table manners has you covered. Bon appétit!

Do you have any other tips to share?

HDR Around The World (Part II)

Train from Moscow to St. Petersburg
Train from Moscow to St. Petersburg

With HDR (High-dynamic-range) you can reproduce a greater range of luminosity in a photograph by digitally overlapping different exposures of the same subject.

For more info and examples of HDR, check out the post: HDR Around The World (Part I) Continue reading “HDR Around The World (Part II)”