6 Delicious Mango Smoothie Recipes

mango smoothie2

Mango is my favourite fruit. It may be from growing up in Mexico City where mangoes are abundant and I regularly enjoyed Manila mango to accompany my breakfast or even dinner. Or it may be from my multiple travels to India where you can find the most exquisite Alphonso mangoes and enjoy them fresh, in ice cream form or in a lassi (yogurt drink). Or it simply may be because mangoes are bright, delightful and plain delicious.  Continue reading “6 Delicious Mango Smoothie Recipes”

Mango Lassi Breakfast Bowl

mango lassi bowl3

This couldn’t be more delicious, especially if mango is one of your favorite fruits, like it is mine. It’s also really easy to make!

It’s basically a mango lassi, a bit thicker, thrown in a bowl and topped with delicious fresh fruit, toasted cashews and coconut. And the greek yogurt adds protein to the mix. This breakfast will surely be a good start for your day .  Continue reading “Mango Lassi Breakfast Bowl”

Green Mango Lassi With Sneaky Spinach

mango lassi spinach5

This is the most simple and one of the most delicious smoothies I have made. There is just something about the combination of yogurt and mango that goes so well together.  Continue reading “Green Mango Lassi With Sneaky Spinach”

Mango & Rice Milk Smoothie With Sneaky Romaine

mango smoothie

I just love mango. Mango is definitely my favorite fruit. I like it in all its forms, including smoothies. Mango is the star in this smoothie accompanied with other healthy goodies like flaxseed, almonds, oats, and some mild tasting but super healthy romaine lettuce that sneakily hides from all the other flavors. Continue reading “Mango & Rice Milk Smoothie With Sneaky Romaine”

Cereal, Coffee, Cats and Mangoes

Cereal is the best food. Usually, if you ask me what the best food is I go with chocolate, and maybe sushi. But right now I think cereal is the best food. I just had a bowl. I hadn’t had a bowl of cereal in weeks I think. I used to eat cereal almost everyday. It was so good. It’s so simple, just some crunchy things combined with yummy milk. When I was done eating, I wanted more.

Cereal is good any time of day. I think I could probably live off cereal, especially if I am allowed to eat different kinds instead of the same one all the time. Even corn flakes, the simplest of cereals are good, although I do tend to sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon on these. I found out recently that corn flakes were invented to prevent masturbation. What? Continue reading “Cereal, Coffee, Cats and Mangoes”