8 Reasons That Make Mexico an Appealing Country to Visit

Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City

I may be biased but Mexico rocks. You can explore and find every single type of amazing place across the country including one of the largest metropolis of the world, tropical jungles, stunning beaches, historic architecture, colorful towns, colonial areas, indigenous culture, Spanish culture influence, centuries-old ruins, and a vast amount of culture and arts. Everything! I tell you. And don’t get me started on the food! (Although you will read more about that below, as it’s my number one reason.)  Continue reading “8 Reasons That Make Mexico an Appealing Country to Visit”

Mexico City – Bits & Pieces and Roma Norte

mexico city view4

I visited Mexico City for 10 days this month. I wasn’t there for Christmas but Christmas celebrations, decorations and moods weren’t lacking. The trip was pretty routine and I didn’t do anything specific worth blogging about (I don’t really think you care about my adventures of going to the movies, shopping, dining out and hanging out with friends) but I did take some snapshots of the city that I’d like to share with you.  Continue reading “Mexico City – Bits & Pieces and Roma Norte”

10 Mexican Habits I Lost When I Moved to the USA

acapulco mexico 15 de septiembre
Mexico’s Independence Day and mariachis in the background.

I was born and raised in Mexico City. I lived there for 18 years of my life before I moved abroad for the first time to London. Currently, I have been living in the US for over 5 years now (plus a few months in India in between), so some of my Mexicans habits have definitely changed over time to adapt to this country.  Continue reading “10 Mexican Habits I Lost When I Moved to the USA”

Mercado de Jamaica – A Must Visit In Mexico City Part II


In my first post about the mercado de Jamaica (Jamaica Market) in Mexico City, I showed the abundant colors of available flowers and plants in the market. But flora is not all there is in this amazing place.

You can find beautiful food too; ready to eat grilled corn and other snacks, stunning fruits and vegetables, seas of candy (traditional and otherwise), and more. Plus, all sizes of bright piñatas, incense and candles, and during Christmas time, any figure you can think of for your nativity scene. This market is very vivid and will be a tour for all your senses. Take the visual tour now: Continue reading “Mercado de Jamaica – A Must Visit In Mexico City Part II”

Mercado de Jamaica – A Must Visit In Mexico City Part I

mercado de jamaica mexico3

If you ever need flowers, the mercado de Jamaica (Jamaica market) in Mexico City is the place to be. It used to be Pike Place Market in Seattle for me, but I recently visited this market for the first time and it surpassed my expectations. My mom had been telling me about it for some time and she finally took me in my most recent trip to Mexico.

The colors and the life of the flowers and plants are abundant. The vendors aren’t aggressive and the crowds aren’t bad. It is definitely not a touristy place and let’s hope it stays that way, I just had to share this place.  Continue reading “Mercado de Jamaica – A Must Visit In Mexico City Part I”

Voladores de Papantla – A Dangerous Mexican Dance Ritual

voladores mexico

The “Voladores de Papantla” (Papantla Flyers) or Danza de los Voladores (Dance of the Flyers) is an ancient Mesoamerican ceremony/ritual still performed in Mexico today.

The ritual consists of a dance and usually five voladores (flyers), sometimes called hombres pajaro (bird men), climb to the top of a pole of up to 150 feet or 45 meters in height, launch themselves from it and slowly descend circling the pole with ropes tied to their feet. The fifth volador remains on the top of the pole, dancing and playing a flute and drum.  Continue reading “Voladores de Papantla – A Dangerous Mexican Dance Ritual”

10 Amazing Museums To Visit Around The World

Aerial view of the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. image source

One of my favorite travel activities is to visit museums. I just love the feeling that museums provide, which is hard to describe. Especially art museums where the feeling is more peaceful, quiet and contemplative. But I’ve been to several non-art museums too that I have really enjoyed about topics like aviation, space, science, and history.

What I like about museums also is that every person that visits one, has a different experience, we all learn something different and we all have different favorite pieces of it.

Below is a list of 10 of the best museums I have been to around the world.  Continue reading “10 Amazing Museums To Visit Around The World”