55 Best Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

mumbai weekend getaways

Do you live in Mumbai or are you just visiting and you’re looking for a weekend getaway to explore a new place? Sometimes we need a break from the big city and there are many options near and around Mumbai to go visit with all kinds of activities and sceneries including stunning waterfalls, staying in tree houses, trekking up amazing hills, or even having fun at adventure parks for the adrenaline junkies. Continue reading “55 Best Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai”

Kulture Shop in Mumbai – Premium Lifestyle Brand and Graphic Art


Kulture Shop is a premium lifestyle brand representing the top innovative Indian graphic artists around the globe. They have created a movement originating in its studio that’s fast becoming a hub for India’s cultural people.

They sell goods on their e-commerce marketplace at kultureshop and its brick-and-mortar studio shop in Bandra (Mumbai). Today ELLE India says: “Kulture Shop is fast gaining a name as the new champion of Indian Graphic Art”. Continue reading “Kulture Shop in Mumbai – Premium Lifestyle Brand and Graphic Art”

Amazing Mumbai Through The Lens

Continue reading “Amazing Mumbai Through The Lens”

Divine Intervention During The Worst Missed Flight Experience (Part 2)

(Here is part 1)

We left off where I was asking the girlfriend about a cheap place I could stay. Staying in a cheap place in Mumbai, India, after midnight, as a young woman and alone, is NOT a good idea. But I had no other option.

Then she said that I could stay with them. Thank God. She literally had just met me but she said that she had a roommate but they could ask him to go stay with another friend for the night, just so that I could use his room. Who does that? Continue reading “Divine Intervention During The Worst Missed Flight Experience (Part 2)”

Divine Intervention During The Worst Missed Flight Experience (Part 1)

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This happened in 2010, but my blog wasn’t alive then, and it is a personal, India-related story that I must tell.

On November 2010 I traveled with my mom and brother to India. I flew from the US, and they flew from Mexico. We met at our connections in Newark.

To get to our destination: Ahmednagar, we had to fly to Mumbai, and then take a 6-hour bumpy ride to Ahmednagar. Continue reading “Divine Intervention During The Worst Missed Flight Experience (Part 1)”

So It Begins: 6 Nights in Mumbai

Three flights later we arrived to Mumbai Airport at 4am on July 4th 2013. We took a taxi to where I had booked us a room in a shared apartment through airbnb (a lot cheaper than a hotel). The apartment was owned by an Indian man and his mother; it was on the 15th floor, with no A/C. There was some breeze and ceiling fans but it definitely got hot. At least we had normal showers.

We found a nearby café that was pretty nice, where we had breakfast and lunch but though cheap, eating out added to the bills. Continue reading “So It Begins: 6 Nights in Mumbai”