Papaya Mint Smoothie

papaya mint smoothie

This green smoothie is full of nutrition and yumminess. The stars in this blend are the delicious papaya and mint.  Continue reading “Papaya Mint Smoothie”

Bright Berry Beet Smoothie

berry beet smoothie

I promise, roasted beets are awesome in smoothies. Not only do they make the prettiest color, beets are really good for you! When roasted their natural sweetness comes out and they also taste more delicious. Add berries and a few other ingredients, and you get a super nutritional, good-looking and tasty smoothie! Continue reading “Bright Berry Beet Smoothie”

Blueberry Immune Boost Smoothie

Blueberries and oranges are nutritional powerhouses providing strong antioxidants and immune support. Blend them together in the morning and you got yourself a healthy (and yummy!) start of the day.  Continue reading “Blueberry Immune Boost Smoothie”

Cantaloupe Turmeric Smoothie

cantaloupe smoothie4

This smoothie will brighten your day as you blend together cantaloupe, green grapes, turmeric and mint. It is packed with vitamins and minerals to give your body a healthy boost. Continue reading “Cantaloupe Turmeric Smoothie”

The Hulk of Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies

 hulk peanutbutterbanana smoothie1

Out of the many smoothies I made during my one week liquid diet, this was one of my favorite ones. It was tasty, filling and full of healthiness. Continue reading “The Hulk of Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies”

Avocado Coconut Green Smoothie

coconut avocado green smoothie2

For the last 6 days, I have been on a post-oral surgery liquid diet. I have been having 2 smoothies and 1 soup meal a day and I haven’t gone hungry at tall. The smoothies have been filling enough and definitely healthy enough for a speedy recovery. I have been feeling energetic and healthy with the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables that have been going in my body.

Yesterday, I made a great one and I shall share it with you. I have made quite a few good ones that I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks. Continue reading “Avocado Coconut Green Smoothie”

Strawberry Basil and Roasted Beet Smoothie Bowl

beet smoothie bowl12

This was my first attempt at a smoothie bowl and it was a winner. I made it two mornings in a row and again the next week with a modified recipe.

Smoothies are great on the go, but if you have time to eat at home the smoothie bowl is the way to go because you can add toppings with different textures, it will be more satisfying and might make you feel fuller.

The fresh basil along with the vibrant red strawberries and beets in this one is such a delicious combination.  Continue reading “Strawberry Basil and Roasted Beet Smoothie Bowl”

Carrot Strawberry & Ginger Smoothie

carrot strawberry1

Between the carrot, the ginger and the strawberries, this smoothie is packed with so many health benefits I don’t even know where to begin. Just go make it. Continue reading “Carrot Strawberry & Ginger Smoothie”