Hiking The White Pine Lake Trail in Logan Canyon, Utah


Sometimes the best hikes are the unplanned ones. We didn’t know what we were going to do when we decided to drive to Tony Grove lake last weekend. We didn’t even know if it would be accesible because the last three times we tried it was blocked by snow. But we got there and found three trail options. We followed the White Pine Lake Trail and it was wonderful. One of the most beautiful and peaceful ones I’ve done (until I got hangry, that is). Continue reading “Hiking The White Pine Lake Trail in Logan Canyon, Utah”

The Top 7 Family Trips And Outdoor Adventures


The post below was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind Blog on July 19, 2015.

When planning family trips, it’s best to keep kids busy with activities from crafting and music lessons to hiking and swimming. (No one wants to hear, “Mom, I’m bored” while lounging beach side with a cocktail in hand.)

Travel is one of the most fun ways for a parent to share the cultures and natural wonders of the world. These destinations are safe for kiddos, catering to the picky eaters, adrenaline junkies, nature lovers, and beach bums too. Not only will kids be welcome, they’ll find programs and excursions designed just for them on each of these global adventures. Continue reading “The Top 7 Family Trips And Outdoor Adventures”

Ways To Make Outdoor Traveling More Comfortable

Chilling in the car at the park.

Some outdoor explorers don’t mind roughing it at all, in order to see the world and be within nature. However, if you like to be comfortable while you’re doing these things, that’s understandable too! Whether it’s being able to walk without sore toes and sleep without getting wet, there are ways to achieve these things. Here is a handful of ways to make outdoor traveling more comfortable. Continue reading “Ways To Make Outdoor Traveling More Comfortable”

Hiking The Crimson Trail in Logan, Utah


Last weekend we embarked on our second hike in Utah. We chose the Crimson Trail. We thought 3 miles were doable. What we didn’t realize is that the loop includes the Riverside Nature Trail and a little piece of trail to get to the beginning of Crimson Trail making the whole trip about 4.5 miles. Also, the trail was not an easy trail with an elevation gain of about 1000 feet and lots of steep, snowy, icy, and I must say, treacherous areas.  Continue reading “Hiking The Crimson Trail in Logan, Utah”

Hiking The Wind Cave Trail in Logan, Utah

wind cave trail utah

Wind Cave Trail is roughly a 3.7 mile hike out and back in the Logan Canyon, a short drive from Logan, Utah. The trail features a limestone cave at the top with stunning views along the way and at the top.

The trail is rated moderate and is primarily used for hiking. Dogs are also able to use this trail and are supposed to be kept on leash. Continue reading “Hiking The Wind Cave Trail in Logan, Utah”

Cairn Review – The Subscription Box for the Outdoorsy

Cairn is a monthly subscription box for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers and travelers. Every month a box arrives at your doorstep with different curated outdoorsy products for you to try. You might get a headlamp, a compass carabiner, a stainless steel cup, hiking socks, snacks, skin care or emergency products. It’s a great way to discover some interesting products. Continue reading “Cairn Review – The Subscription Box for the Outdoorsy”

Summer Solstice In Mt. Hood, Oregon

mthood oregon3
Mt. Hood, Oregon

During the first day of summer my husband and I spontaneously decided to drive to snowy Mt. Hood. Our plan at the beginning of the day was simply to go to Portland, have brunch, walk around and maybe go to the movies. Instead, we did have brunch at my favorite place in Portland and then decided to drive to Mt. Hood! Continue reading “Summer Solstice In Mt. Hood, Oregon”