Drinking My Way Around Portland, Oregon

oregon brew fest portland5

My time in Portland, Oregon was great while it lasted. I spent about two and a half years surrounding this wonderful city and loved every moment of learning more about it and exploring it. Portland may be known for its craft beer scene, but to me all of their food and drink scene is absolutely outstanding. I had the pleasure of tasting a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks around the city. Check some of them out: Continue reading “Drinking My Way Around Portland, Oregon”

My Top 9 Instagram Pics of 2015 OR A Summary of My Current Life


Let me take you through a little photographic journey. I used the #2015bestnine website to get my most liked photos of 2015 on instagram. The combination turned out pretty nice, lots of nature/landscapes and a little bit of delicious food. Here we go: Continue reading “My Top 9 Instagram Pics of 2015 OR A Summary of My Current Life”

TEDx and The First Ever “Paint The Town TEDxPortland 6K Night Run”

tedxportland run5

Last May, we participated in the inaugural TEDxPortland 6K Night Run and it was great fun. Led by TEDx and sponsored by OMSI, Rogue Ales, NIKE, Stumptown Coffee, KIND Bars and Red Bull, we had a blast running this 6k around the waterfront in downtown Portland.

Continue reading “TEDx and The First Ever “Paint The Town TEDxPortland 6K Night Run””

Magical Portland in The Winter

portland night christmas winter

When we first arrived to Oregon last year, we had come from a very long trip from India and we were planning to stay temporarily. Our finances were also pretty tight. This year we find ourselves living in the country about 35 miles from the city of Portland which we have been visiting every weekend for a few weeks.

Portland during the holidays is pretty magical. They have a giant Christmas tree at the heart of Portland, the Pioneer Courthouse Square, they have lights on the trees, people are joyful and out and about and movie theaters are playing old and new Christmas movies.

You can get a glimpse of this magic with the photos below: Continue reading “Magical Portland in The Winter”

Barista Coffee and BrewCycle in Portland

portland brewbike4
Happy people on a pub crawl on the BrewCycle Portland

Two of the best things in Portland, Oregon are coffee and craft beer. You can find a plethora of both coffee shops and breweries all across Portland, and if you randomly end up in one chances are the coffee or beer you taste will be great.  Continue reading “Barista Coffee and BrewCycle in Portland”

Jack Sparrow Getting Arrested, a Quinceañera and More: Sights of Downtown Portland

portland downtown tree
A girl and her puppy hanging out on the tree

A couple of weekends ago, my hubby and I spent the day in Downtown Portland. We enjoyed the colors of the CityFair, we strolled by the Saturday Market, and we rented bikes and rode them around the river and across the bridges. While doing all of this, we encountered some unique sights that made our day all the better.  Continue reading “Jack Sparrow Getting Arrested, a Quinceañera and More: Sights of Downtown Portland”

Bollywood Theater, Indian Street Food in Portland, Oregon


Last week I was googling for a good and cheap place to eat in Portland and I came across the Bollywood Theater website.

The first thing I checked was their menu and it got my attention right away. Their menu is nothing like any Indian restaurant I’ve ever been to, but the dishes rung authentic to India. Having spent so much time in India myself, and even learned some Indian cooking when I lived there, I had heard of most of these dishes but hadn’t actually tried them as they were all mostly “Indian street food.”

The pav bhaji and the vada pav, two different potato “patties” between buns, I know are a few favorites of Indian locals and often found in street stands along the Mumbai promenades. Not really found in restaurants at all. So, right off, this place got my attention. Continue reading “Bollywood Theater, Indian Street Food in Portland, Oregon”