Faces Around The World

indian children

People’s faces tell stories. Their eyes, their frown lines, their smile lines, their spots (freckles, sun spots…), their color. All these things can tell you a lot about a person, especially if you pay attention, and everyone has their own unique version, even twins.

I invite you to come for a trip around the world through some faces I have captured in my travels. Continue reading “Faces Around The World”

A Tragic Eye-Opening Refugee Story by Humans of New York

You may follow HONY (Humans of New York) on FB, Twitter, or Tumblr already, if not, you HAVE TO; and you may have come across this story but I absolutely couldn’t not share this. This story has to be read, it has to be known. The ways of this world are unacceptable, the selfishness, the heartlessness, the greed have taken over and are making this world a terrible place. We have to change. Continue reading “A Tragic Eye-Opening Refugee Story by Humans of New York”

Meet The “Rainbow Grandpa” Who Saved His Village With Art

93-year-old artist Huang Yung-fu posing for a photo next to his artwork in the Rainbow Village in the Nantun district of Taiwan’s central Taichung. By Sam Yeh image source

This is a clear example of how art can change the world, as this 93 year-old man did in his town in Vietnam when the government warned that they were going to demolish and were asked to relocate.  Continue reading “Meet The “Rainbow Grandpa” Who Saved His Village With Art”

Keeping Portland Weird

oregon brew fest portland38
Darth Vader wearing a kilt riding a unicycle.

You may or may not have heard Portland, Oregon’s motto, slogan, tagline, whatever you wanna call it: “Keep Portland Weird.” Portland is known for its weirdness, which has been exposed by the Portlandia show, but Portlanders love it and embrace it.

I was known to be pretty weird when I was younger, very often described as “random.” Random was and probably is one of my characteristics. I seem to say and do things that people consider random. I can attest to the fact that Portland is random and weird, and I love it. Continue reading “Keeping Portland Weird”

The Deepest Eyes You’ll Ever See – Black & White Portraits of Indian People

bw women and kids

Many, many countries in Europe and around the world are stunning but if I had to pick, India takes the award for most photogenic in the world.

The depth of this country is beyond words. There is a story behind every person’s eyes. Continue reading “The Deepest Eyes You’ll Ever See – Black & White Portraits of Indian People”

If Anyone Should Have A Role Model, It Should Be Dobri Dobrev

This is Dobri Dobrev.

Aged 98, he is a Bulgarian WWII veteran. Continue reading “If Anyone Should Have A Role Model, It Should Be Dobri Dobrev”

The Peaceful Side of India Through The Lens

This stunningly shot video by Mo’Fo’ shows India at its purest form. There is no chaos, no crowds, and no noise (except for the perfectly chosen background music).

This video conveys the peaceful and soulful India that often is masked by the chaotic India.


The video was shot in North India, Dec/2011-Jan/2012. Continue reading “The Peaceful Side of India Through The Lens”

A Culinary Day in India


This short film by The Perennial Plate compiles three weeks of filming, traveling and eating in India into “one day”.

You can almost taste the food, smell the smells and feel the warmth of the sun as it sets. Full of energy, joy, and culture, this is what India is about.

This video will make you hungry for India.


The Joy of India: From The Archives


Lately I have been writing quite negatively about India with all my latest culture shock posts. My intention is to run an honest blog, so I’m not going to be writing about how awesome and easy life is as an expat if it is not true, and I am not just going to write about the positive things that happen. I will write about both the good and the bad, and so far it has been more of a struggling adventure than an exciting adventure. So to lift up the mood, I decided to share some of my photos from our mostly happy trip to India last January before we moved here, and show you the joy and the great people and culture of this country. Continue reading “The Joy of India: From The Archives”

Behind The Scenes: Statues for Ganesh Chaturthi (Hindu Festival)

ganesha statue

In the last few days I have been driving by some tents with people making statues of Ganesh (The elephant Hindu God). Then I learned that Ganesh Chaturthi, a big Hindu Festival, is coming soon.

During Ganesh Chaturthi, the birth of Lord Ganesha (the son of Shiva and Parvati), is celebrated. This festival lasts 10 days, and begins on the fourth day of the waxing moon period, during the Hindu month: Bhaadra. These dates usually fall between August 19th and September 20th. This year, it begins on September 9th. Continue reading “Behind The Scenes: Statues for Ganesh Chaturthi (Hindu Festival)”