Fruit Around The World


After chocolate and cheese, I think fruit is another one of my favorite foods. I haven’t met a fruit I didn’t like and they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. You will also find a different selection depending on which country you’re in.

I’ve had the pleasure to grow up in a country where fruit is abundant and delicious, and I’ve also had the pleasure to travel and taste different fruits across the world. Enjoy this photo-series: Continue reading “Fruit Around The World”


Cars Around The World

tata truck india

Cars come in all shapes and sizes and they have been very useful to mankind, although in a way have also been detrimental. But I think I can be more grateful to this invention than the opposite.

Whether you drive on the right side or the left side, or you have used a car to travel or to commute, to transport or to advertise, to entertain or to provide, cars have countless uses. I remember my very first car with affection, a VW Bora, whom still lives actually.

Below is a series of photos of cars (including buses and other kinds) from across my travels, enjoy! Continue reading “Cars Around The World”

Pink Around The World

acapulco milkshakes mexico
A Shake shack in Acapulco, Mexico

When I decided to go through my photo archives to look for pink, I was quite surprised at the amount I found. I thought it would be a rare color but it was more abundant than some of the other common colors I’ve done a photo series about.

The color pink can be associated with many things from innocence and the feminine to charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, and the romantic. Those are pretty bright and positive characteristics. I was even surprised to see how much I wear pink! I am not a girly girl and wouldn’t directly prefer pink clothing but apparently I own quite a few pink garments.

From India, Mexico, the Pacific Northwest and more, I present to you the color pink around the world: Continue reading “Pink Around The World”