I Believe

washington park rose test garden
Rose Test Garden, Portland

I don’t believe in fighting,

I don’t believe in politics,

I don’t believe in drugs,

I don’t believe in judging,

and I don’t believe in lies.


I believe in chocolate and cheese,

I believe in wine and tea,

I believe in kindness, forgiveness, and love,

I believe in service and selflessness,

I believe in karma and reincarnation,

I believe in dancing in the kitchen,

I believe in doing nothing,

I believe in compassion and empathy,

I believe in mountains and flowers,

I believe in going with the flow,

I believe that suffering can be a blessing,

but most of all, I believe in God.

This poem is brought to you in response to today’s Daily Prompt: I BelieveContinue reading “I Believe”

Tip: How To Feel At Home

Photo by Cuba Gallery

Josh and I were taking a walk in this Indian land where we are now expats, when he suddenly says: “I just realized the sky is there, and it looks the same as the sky in America.” He goes on saying: “If you look down or around, everything is different to America, the ground is different, the people are different, the animals are different. But the sky is the same. If the sky was red I would be okay with it because I would just think: Oh we are in a different planet. But if I look up at the blue sky, I can feel at home.” Continue reading “Tip: How To Feel At Home”