Unique Places To Stay in Oregon From the Coast to the City

portland micro houses colorful

Oregon has so much to offer whether you like trying out new restaurants, exploring the outdoors, or hanging out at the beach.

If you are thinking about taking a spring vacation, or planning on a summer or fall getaway, Oregon is a great place to visit! With so many unique places to stay, I’m here to make planning your stay a smooth process. I have gathered a few unique and affordable places for you to stay in Portland, Deer Island, Astoria, Seaside and Cannon Beach. Continue reading “Unique Places To Stay in Oregon From the Coast to the City”

Drinking My Way Around Portland, Oregon

oregon brew fest portland5

My time in Portland, Oregon was great while it lasted. I spent about two and a half years surrounding this wonderful city and loved every moment of learning more about it and exploring it. Portland may be known for its craft beer scene, but to me all of their food and drink scene is absolutely outstanding. I had the pleasure of tasting a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks around the city. Check some of them out: Continue reading “Drinking My Way Around Portland, Oregon”

My Top 9 Instagram Pics of 2015 OR A Summary of My Current Life


Let me take you through a little photographic journey. I used the #2015bestnine website to get my most liked photos of 2015 on instagram. The combination turned out pretty nice, lots of nature/landscapes and a little bit of delicious food. Here we go: Continue reading “My Top 9 Instagram Pics of 2015 OR A Summary of My Current Life”

TEDx and The First Ever “Paint The Town TEDxPortland 6K Night Run”

tedxportland run5

Last May, we participated in the inaugural TEDxPortland 6K Night Run and it was great fun. Led by TEDx and sponsored by OMSI, Rogue Ales, NIKE, Stumptown Coffee, KIND Bars and Red Bull, we had a blast running this 6k around the waterfront in downtown Portland.

Continue reading “TEDx and The First Ever “Paint The Town TEDxPortland 6K Night Run””

Savory Food Around The World

veritable quandary portland brunch

I love food. There I said it. My weekly small pleasures often involve food, and I think about food like all the time. I am for sure guilty of getting hangry and often getting mad at the internet for making me hungry and crave things I can’t get. I just realized I may be causing this for other people with this post. I apologize.

Food gives me pleasure and sometimes even suffering from craving it. I wish I was desireless, because that is the key to happiness, but food makes it real hard for me to atain desirelessness. Anyway, below are lots of yummy savory foods from across my travels, enjoy! Continue reading “Savory Food Around The World”

¿Por Qué No? Taqueria in Portland, Oregon

porqueno portland5

The ¿Por Qué No? (Why not?) taqueria in Portland, Oregon is one of our favorite places to eat because their prices are good and the food is really tasty. They have two locations, in N and SE Portland. Continue reading “¿Por Qué No? Taqueria in Portland, Oregon”

Pink Around The World

acapulco milkshakes mexico
A Shake shack in Acapulco, Mexico

When I decided to go through my photo archives to look for pink, I was quite surprised at the amount I found. I thought it would be a rare color but it was more abundant than some of the other common colors I’ve done a photo series about.

The color pink can be associated with many things from innocence and the feminine to charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, and the romantic. Those are pretty bright and positive characteristics. I was even surprised to see how much I wear pink! I am not a girly girl and wouldn’t directly prefer pink clothing but apparently I own quite a few pink garments.

From India, Mexico, the Pacific Northwest and more, I present to you the color pink around the world: Continue reading “Pink Around The World”

Happy Hour at Salty’s by the Columbia River

saltys oregon portland2

A few weeks ago we were running errands in Portland when I came across a place online in google maps that I’ve never heard of before, Salty’s on the Columbia. It was a restaurant by the Columbia River only 20 minutes from where we were. It sounded perfect. Dinner sounded fancy and pricey (probably really good) but we were on time to make it for happy hour where they offer affordable food and drink specials.

The food, the view and the scenery on the way there were quite spectacular.  Continue reading “Happy Hour at Salty’s by the Columbia River”

Keeping Portland Weird

oregon brew fest portland38
Darth Vader wearing a kilt riding a unicycle.

You may or may not have heard Portland, Oregon’s motto, slogan, tagline, whatever you wanna call it: “Keep Portland Weird.” Portland is known for its weirdness, which has been exposed by the Portlandia show, but Portlanders love it and embrace it.

I was known to be pretty weird when I was younger, very often described as “random.” Random was and probably is one of my characteristics. I seem to say and do things that people consider random. I can attest to the fact that Portland is random and weird, and I love it. Continue reading “Keeping Portland Weird”

A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise -The Meadow Shop in Portland

On one of our regular date nights, after having some Mexican food we headed for a walk and saw a crowd at a distance that spiked our curiosity. It was near Christmas time, and there was a big crowd of small families, I believe waiting for a Christmas tree to be lit or something; there was music and it was cold but people were still out.

Behind the crowd I saw a store with some neon signs that said: chocolate, wine, flowers, and gourmet salts. They had me at chocolate, but it sounded like it was all our favorite things in one place! Hubby’s favorite would be wine. We both love flowers, and gourmet salts, why not? We squeezed through the crowd and arrived at paradise, The Meadow.

Continue reading “A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise -The Meadow Shop in Portland”