Nostalgia Around The World

val disere skiing france19

It’s nice to reminiscence sometimes, isn’t it? And nowadays we can look back to many of our happy memories through available photos and video, which in turn, make us nostalgic. Nostalgia can be painful, but it’s also a good thing. It means we lived through happy moments which became happy memories, fuel for our soul, and it also means we can create many more happy moments. I know I’m looking forward to the future, I know the best is yet to come. Continue reading “Nostalgia Around The World”

Jubilant Around The World

duke gardens durham snow10

In this day and age I feel like people need to lighten up. Everyone is looking for something to fight about. People are fed up with things and they’re choosing to argue, fight, and protest about them instead of choosing the kind, giving, forgiving, cheerful, and understanding path. We think we are doing something good by fighting for “what’s right”, but what is right? We all have absolutely completely different notions of what’s right. Who’s right? Are we really that arrogant? Continue reading “Jubilant Around The World”

Faces Around The World

indian children

People’s faces tell stories. Their eyes, their frown lines, their smile lines, their spots (freckles, sun spots…), their color. All these things can tell you a lot about a person, especially if you pay attention, and everyone has their own unique version, even twins.

I invite you to come for a trip around the world through some faces I have captured in my travels. Continue reading “Faces Around The World”

Life and Travel Lessons from Tyler Durden

airplane sky

Most of us are familiar with the movie Fight Club, the movie that came out in 1999 and quickly gained a cult following. Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt and the narrator, a depressed and insomniac man played by Ed Norton made a lot of us think a lot. But it’s all a masterpiece created by the brilliant Chuck Palahniuk (author).

Whether you watched the movie or read the book, viewers and readers are left with a strong message: “This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.” Continue reading “Life and Travel Lessons from Tyler Durden”

Dance Around The World

st petersburg russia folk dance1

One of my first, if not the first passions I had was dance. I started ballet when I was 3 years old and fell in love with it. I continued dancing, taking classes of many different kinds of dance and competing throughout my life with some breaks in between. In fact, I am in one right now as I haven’t danced in 3 years. But my love for dance always remains. Continue reading “Dance Around The World”

Gatherings Around The World

india2015 dhuni8

“Happiness is only real when shared”, do you agree? When people gather great things happen and memories are created. It could be for great causes and for intimate ones too. People cry and laugh and come up with ideas, some very important ones related to medicine and technology.

Most, if not all, of the good memories I have were shared with other people in my life. Here are some places where people gathered for different reasons around the world: Continue reading “Gatherings Around The World”

Trios Around The World


Sometimes, things come in threes the say. Well I found a few of those trios from across my travels. Enjoy! Continue reading “Trios Around The World”

Ornate Around The World


Indeed minimalist and symmetrical patterns are what attract my eyes nowadays, but sometimes I can’t help but find wonder and beauty in ornate, intricate and complex shapes and patterns, especially if they are colorful.

I have found a fair share of these across my travels, please enjoy! Continue reading “Ornate Around The World”

A Personal, Honest and Vulnerable Letter To The World

india2015 samadhi12

Dear everyone,

I have been inspired to speak up. Continue reading “A Personal, Honest and Vulnerable Letter To The World”

Fruit Around The World


After chocolate and cheese, I think fruit is another one of my favorite foods. I haven’t met a fruit I didn’t like and they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. You will also find a different selection depending on which country you’re in.

I’ve had the pleasure to grow up in a country where fruit is abundant and delicious, and I’ve also had the pleasure to travel and taste different fruits across the world. Enjoy this photo-series: Continue reading “Fruit Around The World”