Cairn Review – The Subscription Box for the Outdoorsy

Cairn is a monthly subscription box for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers and travelers. Every month a box arrives at your doorstep with different curated outdoorsy products for you to try. You might get a headlamp, a compass carabiner, a stainless steel cup, hiking socks, snacks, skin care or emergency products. It’s a great way to discover some interesting products. Continue reading “Cairn Review – The Subscription Box for the Outdoorsy”

Product Recommendation: BERTRAND – The Organic Meal Replacement Shake


For a while I have been intrigued by meal replacement beverages like Soylent which provide all the nutrients a person needs in powder form that creates a shake.

When I came across BERTRAND my interest peaked because it seems to be the only certified organic option out there and it is produced in Germany, which was a plus for me as I currently and sadly don’t trust food in America very much. The more I found out about BERTRAND the more I wanted to try the product.  Continue reading “Product Recommendation: BERTRAND – The Organic Meal Replacement Shake”

Product Review: FitAID – The Performance and Recovery Drink


If you workout intensely or for long periods of time, FitAID is the drink for you. It was created very thoughtfully to provide the body the nutrients it needs for fitness performance and recovery. It’s even made with all natural ingredients! Set aside your old sports beverage and make room for FitAID, you’ll thank me later. Read on to find out more about this superior fitness concoction.  Continue reading “Product Review: FitAID – The Performance and Recovery Drink”