The Ultimate European Road Trip

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When I think of road trips I think of America first. I think if you grew up in the US, road trips were quintessential. The United States is such a vast country, and each state could be its own country considering culture differences and size; but in Europe, you can take a road trip and traverse actual several countries in a few hours. Europe offers something for everyone and you can plan a road trip there based on your interests. Continue reading “The Ultimate European Road Trip”

The Do’s And Don’ts of RV and Road Trip Planning

Heading to Cannon Mountain, NH

The idea of jumping into your RV or car and going wherever the road takes you might sound incredible. But in reality, there is much more an road trip than you probably realize. Doing minor planning and preparation before you set off could be a recipe for disaster. You might get lost, break down or run out of money. Plus it can cause unnecessary stress and prevent you from having the best time possible. So to make sure you maximize the fun on your RV road trip adventure, use these do’s and don’ts to help you. Continue reading “The Do’s And Don’ts of RV and Road Trip Planning”

Wandering America’s West Coast

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There’s nothing I love more than traveling and I have yet to experience visiting places by packing up a motorhome or RV, and hitting the open road. It’s definitely a unique way to travel! You get to explore the world from the road, and roll up into a new town every morning. Continue reading “Wandering America’s West Coast”

An Impromptu Winter Roadtrip To Mt Hood, Oregon


We have now visited Mt Hood during summer in 2014, and during winter of this year. It has a very different atmosphere on each season and of course the temperature and the amounts of snow are quite different but it is always a treat.  Continue reading “An Impromptu Winter Roadtrip To Mt Hood, Oregon”

Incredible Reasons You Should Visit California

Sunset from atop a mountain in Santee, California

If you’ve never visited California, it’s about time you added it to your bucket list. There are so many reasons to visit what some people consider to be the most beautiful state in the US! If you’re interested to find out more, read on! Continue reading “Incredible Reasons You Should Visit California”

Mount St. Helens From Afar

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Mount St. Helens is known as the volcano in the Pacific Northwest that erupted in 1980 and caused a lot of damage but people still enjoy going to observe it and hike it. Continue reading “Mount St. Helens From Afar”

The Most Photogenic Beach I Have Been To: Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Last Christmas Eve, Josh and I decided to go on a 2-hour road trip to Cannon Beach, a small city in Oregon. We had never been and all I knew about the place was that it is home to the famous Haystack Rock.

The 4-hour roundtrip was definitely worth it. Continue reading “The Most Photogenic Beach I Have Been To: Cannon Beach, Oregon”