Monthly Best of: August 2016

best august

Crazy month. Mostly because up until about 2 weeks before the end of our apartment lease in Utah we found out we were moving to Texas. Stress and anxiety levels increased quickly. Then it was all getting down to business. Dealing with a cross-country move is a lot.   Continue reading “Monthly Best of: August 2016”

Monthly Best of: July 2016


Holy sh*t what a month. Just me? I’m still kinda in shock about it all. Still dealing with aftermath, still dealing with new changes, still dealing with new feelings, new thoughts. Still wondering, still waiting. Still hoping, still trying to fix things, still trying to hold on, still not forgetting, still learning. I’m exhausted just typing and thinking about it.

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Monthly Best Of: May 2016

may best

May went by crazy fast for me. But that’s what happens when you’re enjoying yourself, isn’t it? Even though I definitely had some rough days, physically and emotionally, I had an overall very happy month with genuine happiness brought not by materialism (although there were a few of those moments, by doing some of my favorite things). I even found myself singing out loud outside with no music playing except for in my head. You know how often I do that? Never. I am grateful for what life and God have given me since my last birthday back in late April, a great gift. And I’m going to leave you hanging about the specifics.

But I won’t leave you hanging about sharing the best posts of the month based on views and likes. In case you missed any. Here they are: Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: May 2016”

Monthly Best Of: March 2016


March came and went. We survived lived through a whole month in our new apartment and new town and loved it. We both joined gyms (different ones), I achieved a few PR’s, we got into hiking (there is so much outdoorsy stuff here), we tried new restaurants, we saw a few good movies and discovered an amazing theater (unfortunately 1.5 hrs away, which is not that bad for film buffs like us), and settled in.  Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: March 2016”

Monthly Best Of: February 2016

best of february

I just realized I completely forgot the end of month roundup at the end of February. It’s not too late to post it right? In between leap year and a crazy busy month, it was bound to happen.

So yes, this month was big in our lives, we went though lots of changes and emotions including a big move across states to a place we had never been and knew no one. Something prompted us to leave our last apartment in Oregon (finding out that the radon (radioactive gas) levels in there were shockingly high), and as we searched for a new place to live our minds, hearts and faith led us here to Utah! And though the move and search for a rental was stressful, we are now very much happily enjoying it here. It also always felt right since we made the decision. So cheers for new adventures!

And here are the top posts of February according to most likes and views: Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: February 2016”

The Best Posts of 2015


As elaborated in my year in review post, my year included lots of cooking, fitness, and traveling. Almost similarly, your favorite posts were about Travel, Mexico, India, and Movies. That pretty much summarizes my life. Check out if you missed any of them: Continue reading “The Best Posts of 2015”

Monthly Best Of: November 2015


I had a busy blogging month apparently and I hope you enjoyed the content. It was also a generally good month.

Hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, made a spontaneous visit to one of my favorite mountains (Mt Hood), dined at our two of our favorite places in the city, went to the movie theater a few times, and stayed at home and snuggled while watching tv many other times. There were also lots of surprise treats that crossed my path from chocolate cake to gelato.  Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: November 2015”

Monthly Best Of: October 2015


This month was pretty awesome because I got to travel, and I got to travel to the faraway land of India. My brother was supposed to come but he cancelled last minute so it became a mom and daughter trip which was very nice. I also really enjoy October weather, so that’s also nice.

So in case you missed any, see which were the best posts of the month based on views and likes: Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: October 2015”

Monthly Best Of: September 2015


This month was pretty chill. The hot temperatures subsided, I caught up on my movie watching hobby, tried a couple new products, cooked a few new recipes, and improved on my physical fitness even more.

In case you missed any, here are the best posts of the month: Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: September 2015”

Monthly Best Of: August 2015


This month I had some great achievements in my fitness world doing things I have never done before, and our garden gave us so much bounty from kale, to green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, beets, and more… which I enjoyed eating and cooking with. In terms of healthy living, this month was a great one and pretty chill one.

September on the other hand, not sure exactly how, but I know will be quite eventful. Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: August 2015”