Top 5 Tips For Seattle Vacations

seattle skyline

Traveling to Seattle soon? There is so much to do in this large city in the Pacific Midwest, so it is best to plan your trip wisely. Otherwise, you may come home without seeing everything you wanted to. To make sure your Seattle vacation goes without a hitch, here are a few top tips for planning your trip to this corner of the USA! Continue reading “Top 5 Tips For Seattle Vacations”

Silhouettes Around The World

Pike Place Market Seattle
A silhouette overlooking the water in Seattle.

This time around I take you around the world through silhouettes. Enjoy! Continue reading “Silhouettes Around The World”

Travel Theme: Metal

At the Cosmonaut Museum.
Russian aircraft engine at the Cosmonaut Museum, Moscow

Metal is an integral part of the modern world. Without it, everything would be different. So much of what is fundamental in our daily lives wouldn’t exist. Metal is everywhere and it can be both beautiful and functional. Here are a few metals in different forms I have found during my travels: Continue reading “Travel Theme: Metal”

Travel Theme: Statues

Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary

We’re all just bags of bones and muscle and hormones; I’ll never understand what makes our minds do the things we do. It’s like that statue of the monkey holding a skull. We’re trying to use a thing we don’t understand to understand ourselves.
-Meshell Ndegeocello

Continue reading “Travel Theme: Statues”

2 Days in Seattle, WA (Part II: The Museum Of Flight)

museum of flight seattle
Museum of Flight, Seattle

Yesterday I posted about the first day of our 2 day trip to Seattle. On the second day we spent most of the time at the amazing Museum of Flight, but let me take you through our day. Continue reading “2 Days in Seattle, WA (Part II: The Museum Of Flight)”

2 Days In Seattle, WA (Part I)

seattle skyline

As you may or may not know, depending on how much you follow my posts, Josh and I are temporarily in Portland renewing our Indian visas. (A process that is taking 10 times longer than it should). We have been in Portland for over a month now, so last Friday we decided to rent a car and head to Seattle on Saturday for a night. Josh lived in Seattle for 7 years, but his last time there was in 2005. As for myself, I had never been to Washington state before, so I was very excited because I love traveling to new places and especially because Josh always said that I would love Seattle. Continue reading “2 Days In Seattle, WA (Part I)”