Hiking The Crimson Trail in Logan, Utah


Last weekend we embarked on our second hike in Utah. We chose the Crimson Trail. We thought 3 miles were doable. What we didn’t realize is that the loop includes the Riverside Nature Trail and a little piece of trail to get to the beginning of Crimson Trail making the whole trip about 4.5 miles. Also, the trail was not an easy trail with an elevation gain of about 1000 feet and lots of steep, snowy, icy, and I must say, treacherous areas.  Continue reading “Hiking The Crimson Trail in Logan, Utah”

White Around The World

Shadows zigzag at the Museum of Flight, Seattle
A white bridge at the Museum of Flight, Seattle

In honor of the record low temperatures and masses of white snow that the US East Coast has been getting, I present to you a photo collection of the color white around the world from across my travels.

The color of fresh snow and milk, white, can emanate a very peaceful feeling often representing light rather than darkness, purity and cleanliness.

I don’t know about you but some of my favorite simple pleasures in life are freshly clean bed sheets, and milk and cookies. Both featuring the color white or its depiction.

Please enjoy these photos of white places and things I’ve captured from around the globe: Continue reading “White Around The World”

Hiking In The Snow For The First Time – Mirror Lake Trail, Oregon


Last weekend we decided to grab our most hiking-appropriate clothes and drive an hour and a half towards Mt. Hood, Oregon.

On the way there, we decided to stop where a few cars were parked on Highway 26 and headed towards the Mirror Lake Trail which we hiked in sub 20 degrees Fahrenheit and in a hurry because we started late. I was very proud of myself by the end of it as I had only hiked once before in my life and it was mostly just a long walk in a state park during a nice day. Continue reading “Hiking In The Snow For The First Time – Mirror Lake Trail, Oregon”

My Favorite Ski Resort Town: Whistler, BC Canada

whistler canada snow

Since I was a little girl, my family took me skiing. We used to go to Vail, Colorado for many years. One year, they decided to try a new place: Whistler in BC, Canada. We all fell in love with it. The mountain, the trails, the town, the restaurants, the shopping, everything was great. So we kept going every year. Continue reading “My Favorite Ski Resort Town: Whistler, BC Canada”

The Charm Of The Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC

durham snow me 1

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina became one of my favorite spots in Durham during my 3 years living there.

My hubby even proposed to me here! And there are several weddings happening throughout the year. It’s just a wonderful place to come and hang out with nature, enjoy the surroundings, people-watch, wildlife-watch, and it is enjoyable during any season. Continue reading “The Charm Of The Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC”

Monthly Best Of: February 2014

In cased you missed the best posts last month (determined by most views and likes), here’s a refresher. You are welcome.

(order is by most recent)

1. Move, Eat, Learn

3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ….into 3 beautiful and compelling short films: “Move”, “Eat”, and “Learn”… Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: February 2014”

Travel By Snow

This is how I feel when it snows.

With all the snow falling in Portland in the last couple of days, I’ve been in a snow craze and inspired by it I stared thinking about all the places in the world I have experienced snow.

I have experienced snow in 9 different places around the world. In chronological order, here are photos of the places where I’ve had the pleasure to play with snow. Continue reading “Travel By Snow”