Quintessentially Indian: 5 New Kurti Styles for Modern Women

triveni saree2

Kurtis make a quiet departure from the usual knee-length hem, three-fourth sleeve pattern. They have transformed into versatile trendy clothing options while retaining their ethnic beauty.

For years now, kurtis have been unceremoniously dumped into the category of ‘traditional’ Indian clothing. Often cut as a piece of upper clothing so sedate that it bordered on boring, the kurti has only now managed to reinvent itself as a versatile Indian style that looks great even when fused with Western wear. Continue reading “Quintessentially Indian: 5 New Kurti Styles for Modern Women”

80 Hats Around The World

hats around the world

Every country has its unique fashion style and it can be seen even by just the humble hat. Most of these in the infographic are traditional hats expressing its country’s culture.

North America seems to have the most tamed down hats aside from the Mexican sombrero (one of my fave! but I might be biased.)

Some of my other favorites from the infrographic below include Italy’s boater hat, USA’s Kentucky hat, the Panama Hat, and Colombia’s Vueltiao.

Ready to travel by hat? Continue reading “80 Hats Around The World”

Different Types of Indian Women Clothing

indian women clothing triveni collage

One of the first things you will notice when traveling to India is the spectacular patterns and colors of women clothing. Women’s types of clothing in this country vary widely depending on climate, local culture, and religion, as well as urban or rural settings. Continue reading “Different Types of Indian Women Clothing”

Translations of five hit songs, miniature sushi, epic hotels, an anti-social app, and more!

Cat photo of the day.

Happy spring! I’m excited to start hiking, explore more of the Pacific Northwest and visit the tulip fields! What are your plans for spring? Enjoy this week’s links and have a great weekend!

15 Sweet Moments in Candy History

This is crazy! Would you do it?

Rich countries think it’s less important to believe in God than poor ones

These movie titles got much more entertaining after they were translated into Japanese and back.

Jimmy Fallon and Tony Award winner sing actual Yahoo Answers.


This dog is not allowed on the bed so his owner installed a camera to check what happens when the dog stays home alone.

I would love to have this teacup for loose tea, except bigger.

Read the translations of five hit songs and find out what you’ve been singing all this time.

14 decadent chocolate cakes you’ll want to make​/eat​ immediately.

Check out this real tiny sushi!

7 Weird Things An Ikea Survey Found Out About Americans, the analysis bits were my favorite.

15 Antiquated Words for “Happy” We Should Bring Back

Espadrilles are my favorite shoe for spring. I love thesethese, thesethese, and these!

Did you, like me, used to blow on Nintendo cartridges to make them work? Find out, if it actually helped.

An anti-social app to help you avoid your ‘friends’

I love this recipe idea, carrot ribbon fettuccine.

Check out these insanely epic hotels around the world!

My First Time Wearing A Sari


Today, I went to Shekhar’s friend house so that the grandma would teach me how to make Kheer, Indian rice pudding.  It has quickly become one of my favorite Indian desserts.

When we were ready to go, the girl wanted to ask me something but she was shy. I saw Shekhar and her talking in hindi infront of me for a while. From their body behaviour I could tell Shekhar was telling her to tell me, and she would giggle and make shy eyes. Eventually they both asked me if I had time to stay, and I said sure. Continue reading “My First Time Wearing A Sari”

The Best Shoes For India (& travelling in general)

shoes india

I believe I figured out the formula for wearing shoes in India (and traveling around). At least this formula works perfectly for me. Continue reading “The Best Shoes For India (& travelling in general)”