15 Of The Most Haunted Places On Earth


Paranormal activity can be both intriguing and terrifying, especially for those who do believe that the spirits of the dead can get trapped in this world and linger around those places they once spent a lot of time in or where they took their last breath. Continue reading “15 Of The Most Haunted Places On Earth”

The World’s Strangest Tourist Attractions

If you are a traveler tired of the same old and typical tourist attractions and you are looking for something more unique, you will surely find it if you head to places like Sedlec, Czech Republic; Ivrea, Italy; or Hakone, Japan where you can swim in your favourite beverage including wine, green tea, and sake.  Continue reading “The World’s Strangest Tourist Attractions”

Off The Beaten Track: How To See Beyond The Tourist Spots


Hello travellers! My regular readers know that exploring the world is my passion. Meeting new people, trying new foods, and seeing new places is the best thing in the world. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to find yourself visiting the same old tourist spots. You’re packed in with crowds of tourists, and you never get to see the real side of the country.

That’s why I always make it my mission to get off the beaten track. I want to see how the locals live! Let’s throw away the guidebooks, and just see what’s out there. Today, I’ll show you a few easy ways to break away from the obvious spots, and find something new. Continue reading “Off The Beaten Track: How To See Beyond The Tourist Spots”

Must See Top 4 Attractive Destinations in London

As I have published in the past, I fell in love with London when I lived there for a year and still remains one of my favourite cities in the world. I’ve gotten the opportunity to share this guest post of top 4 places to visit when in London. Continue reading “Must See Top 4 Attractive Destinations in London”

Acapulco Living – Beach, Ice Cream and Nightlife

acapulco mexico beach7

Last week I was in Acapulco, Mexico for 5 days during the Mexico Independence holiday and enjoyed every minute of it. I spent it mostly chilling and soaking in the sun (and the shadow) at the beach and poolside, and eating coconut ice cream. I also went out at night only once, which is less than usual since nightlife in Acapulco is a big deal. Continue reading “Acapulco Living – Beach, Ice Cream and Nightlife”

Why It Is Awesome Being Mexican While Traveling Abroad and Tips If You Are Not One

Two Mexicans in India.
Two Mexicans in India.

I’ve heard many Americans say how French people really don’t like them and are rude to them. As a Mexican, I’ve had no problem with French people. In fact, every country I have been to (out of 20), I have been treated pretty good and I came to the conclusion that no one really hates Mexicans, in general at least. Obviously there are exceptions.

The American tourist stereotype is definitely not a good one as they are usually described as rude, obnoxious and loud.

Being American has a lot of perks in this world, but maybe not so much as a tourist (except for the fact that they don’t need to apply for a lot of visas). On the other hand, being Mexican may not have as many perks but at least we are not hated while traveling abroad; actually, the US might be the country that creates the most problems for us.

In my case, I guess it helps that I am tiny and female, besides being Mexican. Who is ever going to feel threatened by me? Nobody, but I am sneaky and stealthy (not even on purpose) and I would make an awesome spy because no one would ever suspect.

Why is it that Mexicans are liked while traveling abroad? Here are four main reasons:

Continue reading “Why It Is Awesome Being Mexican While Traveling Abroad and Tips If You Are Not One”