Monthly Best Of: October 2016


Is it just me, or did October FLY by? Can you believe it’s November already? I especially can’t because it is frickin’ 87 degrees here.

I’m hoping November flies by too because I’m really looking forward to December.

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Monthly Best Of: September 2016


Interesting month. Moved into a new apartment, settled into a new city, started some new classes… Hurdled over a ton of life’s obstacles. Tough track.

It’s been a crazy year, definitely is crowned one of my most intense ones of my life, and I feel like the year is going to continue to be crazy until the end. I’m curious to see what October, November, and December bring, hopefully more good than bad things.  Continue reading “Monthly Best Of: September 2016”

Monthly Best of: July 2016


Holy sh*t what a month. Just me? I’m still kinda in shock about it all. Still dealing with aftermath, still dealing with new changes, still dealing with new feelings, new thoughts. Still wondering, still waiting. Still hoping, still trying to fix things, still trying to hold on, still not forgetting, still learning. I’m exhausted just typing and thinking about it.

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Monthly Best of: June 2016

best june

June came and went… Is it just me or time is passing by quite fast lately? Not much out of the ordinary happened, went through my usual routine, a bit of nature and city exploration here and there, lots of movie watching… oh and it seems like the global economy is collapsing cause you know, the UK bailed on the EU. So there’s that…

I hope you had a nice June and you have an even better July. Things they are a-changin’. Can you feel it? Continue reading “Monthly Best of: June 2016”