The Very Best Of America’s East Coast

Heading to Cannon Mountain, NH

When most people think of an American road trip, they think of the classics. Taking Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles is the all-time favourite. It’s one of the best ways to see every aspect of the country, from east to west. Others will take the coast road along the west, drinking in California, and enjoying its wonderful sights. But, what about the east coast? There’s got to be a great road trip across there, right? Well, I think I found the perfect route. Want to hear about it? Continue reading “The Very Best Of America’s East Coast”

Wandering America’s West Coast

cannon beach oregon6

There’s nothing I love more than traveling and I have yet to experience visiting places by packing up a motorhome or RV, and hitting the open road. It’s definitely a unique way to travel! You get to explore the world from the road, and roll up into a new town every morning. Continue reading “Wandering America’s West Coast”

5 Places You Have To Visit When You Are In California

Death Valley, California

The United States of America is one of the most amazing countries in the world, and the West Coast is the jewel in the crown. Lots of people think New York City when they think of America and for good reason. Yet, the West Coast is a fantastic place to visit for at least one reason – California. California boasts great weather, unbelievable scenery, and Hollywood’s most famous stars. And, if that is not enough, it also plays host to a plethora of cities and towns that you must visit if you get the chance.

Below you will find five, but there are tons more. Enjoy! Continue reading “5 Places You Have To Visit When You Are In California”

An Impromptu Winter Roadtrip To Mt Hood, Oregon


We have now visited Mt Hood during summer in 2014, and during winter of this year. It has a very different atmosphere on each season and of course the temperature and the amounts of snow are quite different but it is always a treat.  Continue reading “An Impromptu Winter Roadtrip To Mt Hood, Oregon”

5 Undeniable Reasons to Visit Florida

Key Largo (Photos by Julie Fletcher)

Florida is one of the States’ most diverse and beautiful states. Stunning beaches, world-class theme parks and unbeatable nightlife are just a few of the things you will find. Any trip to Florida offers great experiences for any holiday-goer. Here are some of Florida’s hot spots. They are the places you cannot miss next time you travel to the Sunshine State. Continue reading “5 Undeniable Reasons to Visit Florida”

Incredible Reasons You Should Visit California

Sunset from atop a mountain in Santee, California

If you’ve never visited California, it’s about time you added it to your bucket list. There are so many reasons to visit what some people consider to be the most beautiful state in the US! If you’re interested to find out more, read on! Continue reading “Incredible Reasons You Should Visit California”

Astoria, Oregon – Sea Lions, Beer and Seafood

astoria oregon

I have written about Astoria before but it is always about something different. Like this time when I wrote about the 100 year old trolley and fish and chips, and this other time when I wrote about the Astoria column and the nearby town of Seaside.

And I write about it today again because the little town of Astoria has so much to offer and every time we go we discover something new.  This time the focus is on sea lions, a cool brewery, and good seafood.  Continue reading “Astoria, Oregon – Sea Lions, Beer and Seafood”