Tropical Celery Smoothie

This is a wonderful refreshing, health packed smoothie. Featuring the sweetness of tropical fruit like pineapple and mango, the creaminess and protein of cashews, and the hydrating natural electrolytes of coconut water, this one will take you on a daydream trip to a remote island and nourish your body at the same time. Continue reading “Tropical Celery Smoothie”

Lemon Chia Chewy Balls (Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan)

lemon chia balls

These are so frickin’ good, I can’t even. They’re so good I didn’t want to eat them so that I didn’t run out too fast. The combination of the roasted cashews, the lemon zest and the coconut is like a match made in heaven. The snack balls are perfect for a post-workout protein boost, or even for packing in your carry-on for air travel! Continue reading “Lemon Chia Chewy Balls (Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan)”

Filling Cucumber Grape Smoothie

If you are looking for a tasty smoothie that will keep your hunger satiated for a couple hours this is a good one. The addition of avocado and banana and cashews adds a wonderful creaminess and protein kick.  Continue reading “Filling Cucumber Grape Smoothie”

Cucumber Mint and Honeydew Smoothie

honeydew green smoothie2

I love cucumber in smoothies, they add a real freshness to it, add some lime and mint leaves (amongst other things) and you’ve got yourself a super refreshing and nutritional concoction.  Continue reading “Cucumber Mint and Honeydew Smoothie”

Blueberry Avocado Smoothie

blueberry avocado smoothie1

Blueberries are like the healthiest fruit out there, add some avocado for healthy fats, greek yogurt for protein, and some basil leaves and you’ve got a delicious and nutrition-packed smoothie.  Continue reading “Blueberry Avocado Smoothie”

Cilantro Lime Hummus

cilantro hummus4

Enjoy this Mexican twist on the traditional hummus with crackers, veggies or in a sandwich. Bring it to your next dinner party if you want to please everyone.

Well, everyone except those who hate cilantro, which seems to be a big bunch. I don’t know anyone personally though. Continue reading “Cilantro Lime Hummus”

Baked Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes (Vegan and Gluten-Free)


I am not vegan, but I tried this recipe simply because it sounded good to me, and it was. It was delicious. Continue reading “Baked Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes (Vegan and Gluten-Free)”

My Favorite Green Smoothie Featuring Honeydew

honeydew green smoothie1

I have made several different green smoothies across the years and it looks like I found my favorite combination. The honeydew, the cucumber and the lime seem to be matches made in heaven. Continue reading “My Favorite Green Smoothie Featuring Honeydew”

Roasted Lime Chili Chickpeas

chili lime chickpeas

Looking for an easy recipe for a filling, tasty and nutritious snack? Well here it is!

These chickpeas won’t make you feel guilty no matter how many you eat.  Continue reading “Roasted Lime Chili Chickpeas”

Green Grape Green Smoothie

green grape smoothie1

I gobbled this one up. This smoothie was surprisingly delicious and insanely healthy. I went a little crazy with this smoothie and was so surprised at how good it was, I wasn’t even planning on taking photos, hence the lack of photos, but after consuming it I had to share it with you. This smoothie is packed with superfoods that will make your body super grateful.  Continue reading “Green Grape Green Smoothie”