Top 5 Tips For Seattle Vacations

seattle skyline

Traveling to Seattle soon? There is so much to do in this large city in the Pacific Midwest, so it is best to plan your trip wisely. Otherwise, you may come home without seeing everything you wanted to. To make sure your Seattle vacation goes without a hitch, here are a few top tips for planning your trip to this corner of the USA! Continue reading “Top 5 Tips For Seattle Vacations”

Wandering America’s West Coast

cannon beach oregon6

There’s nothing I love more than traveling and I have yet to experience visiting places by packing up a motorhome or RV, and hitting the open road. It’s definitely a unique way to travel! You get to explore the world from the road, and roll up into a new town every morning. Continue reading “Wandering America’s West Coast”

Mount St. Helens From Afar

mtsthelens oregon

Mount St. Helens is known as the volcano in the Pacific Northwest that erupted in 1980 and caused a lot of damage but people still enjoy going to observe it and hike it. Continue reading “Mount St. Helens From Afar”

On The Way Around The World

long beach 06620

Sometimes the most beautiful or interesting things happen or are seen on the way to our destination rather than at our destination. As they say, it’s about the journey not the destination right? Sometimes, but definitely for this post.

Below is a series of photographs taken in transition from getting to point A to point B.  Continue reading “On The Way Around The World”

Long Beach, Washington – Bed & Breakfast, Kites and A Marina

long beach 06679

We were just hanging out in Astoria, Oregon about 1 hr and a half from our home when instead of driving home that night, we decided to go further and explore Long Beach, WA. We spontaneously booked a room at a Bed & Breakfast and that weekend turned out to be the annual clam festival with all kinds of events going on.

We enjoyed the sunset at the beach, our B&B, the Saturday Market at the Port of Ilwaco, wind and kites at the beach, and delicious fudge.  Continue reading “Long Beach, Washington – Bed & Breakfast, Kites and A Marina”

Pacific Northwest Rainbows

Rainbow on the way to Mount Rainier, WA

I have never seen so many rainbows in my life together as I have in the last year in the Pacific Northwest. They still amaze me every time. They are yet one of the many reasons I love it here. Continue reading “Pacific Northwest Rainbows”

Blue Around The World

Lots of blues in Stockholm, Sweden.

Blue is a favored colored of men and women around the world. The color blue is often associated with depth and stability. It also symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, heaven, and sometimes cold and sadness.

Blue is the most common color in our planet as it is seen in our beloved skies and our vast seas.

Enjoy this blue journey around the world! Continue reading “Blue Around The World”