H20 Around The World

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I don’t necessarily enjoy being in water, but I definitely enjoy looking at it. Fountains, waterfalls, beaches, rivers, lakes, rainy days… They all make up beautiful and peaceful sceneries. Water definitely has a calming attribute to it. Continue reading “H20 Around The World”

When Land Meets Water Around The World

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Land and water, basically what our planet is made of. When both of these meet, something magical happens. The scenery somehow becomes beautiful and useful for mankind too, whether for leisure or work. They are two completely different things, yet they complement each other so well.  They create a connection that humanity seems to love. It also comes in different forms such as lakes meeting parks, and cities meeting oceans.

I hope you enjoy these photos of land meeting water from across my travels. Continue reading “When Land Meets Water Around The World”

The Stunning Waters of Cancun, Mexico

A storm approaching at the beach in Cancun, Mexico.
A storm approaching at the beach in Cancun, Mexico.

My favorite thing about Cancun is the water, the perfectly warm, turquoise water.

Cancun is full of stunning beaches, revitalizing cenotes, alluring natural sea aquariums, and refreshing pools. Continue reading “The Stunning Waters of Cancun, Mexico”