Dance Around The World

st petersburg russia folk dance1

One of my first, if not the first passions I had was dance. I started ballet when I was 3 years old and fell in love with it. I continued dancing, taking classes of many different kinds of dance and competing throughout my life with some breaks in between. In fact, I am in one right now as I haven’t danced in 3 years. But my love for dance always remains. Continue reading “Dance Around The World”

Circles Around The World

colors of india

The circle is such a symbolic shape. It represents all kinds of deep meanings of cycles of life, and infinity. The circle shape is also one of the most useful ones. You would rarely eat or drink or store things in or from triangles shapes for example. There are many circles around the world in different forms, colors, sizes and functions. Check out my collection: Continue reading “Circles Around The World”

Gatherings Around The World

india2015 dhuni8

“Happiness is only real when shared”, do you agree? When people gather great things happen and memories are created. It could be for great causes and for intimate ones too. People cry and laugh and come up with ideas, some very important ones related to medicine and technology.

Most, if not all, of the good memories I have were shared with other people in my life. Here are some places where people gathered for different reasons around the world: Continue reading “Gatherings Around The World”

Trios Around The World


Sometimes, things come in threes the say. Well I found a few of those trios from across my travels. Enjoy! Continue reading “Trios Around The World”

Ornate Around The World


Indeed minimalist and symmetrical patterns are what attract my eyes nowadays, but sometimes I can’t help but find wonder and beauty in ornate, intricate and complex shapes and patterns, especially if they are colorful.

I have found a fair share of these across my travels, please enjoy! Continue reading “Ornate Around The World”

Creepy Around The World


[Our cat in India being creepy]

This would have probably been better to post around October and November when the creepy holidays occur around the world, like Halloween and the splendid Day of the Dead, but here I am searching for creepy photos in my archives today. It wasn’t an easy task.

In my travels, I guess I look for subjects that are more beautiful than creepy to photograph. That’s just me. Probably most of us, but I found a few. Enjoy these creepy photos! Continue reading “Creepy Around The World”

On The Way Around The World

long beach 06620

Sometimes the most beautiful or interesting things happen or are seen on the way to our destination rather than at our destination. As they say, it’s about the journey not the destination right? Sometimes, but definitely for this post.

Below is a series of photographs taken in transition from getting to point A to point B.  Continue reading “On The Way Around The World”

Trees Around The World

portland autumn

I love trees. I think there is a magical beauty than comes from trees. They are full of life even though they are stationary. They come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. They adapt and they can last for centuries. They provide us with so much too: fruit, seeds, air, paper, shelter, furniture… you name it. They are truly amazing creatures of nature. We owe them.  Continue reading “Trees Around The World”

India And Its Intricacies


India is a very intricate place in every sense of the word. It is complicated and it is detailed. It is complex and sometimes difficult to understand. But all of this is what makes India one of the most unique and interesting places in the world. It is also its beauty. Continue reading “India And Its Intricacies”

Motion Around The World

cityfair portland11

Capturing motion is fun because it can easier tell a story than a still object or person. I have captured a few moving moments across my travels. Enjoy! Continue reading “Motion Around The World”