Weekly Small Pleasures #78

happy collage

It was a pretty big week here in our new town. We explored, we got some furniture, and we found several places where to exercise indoors and outdoors. These were my week’s small pleasures: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #78”

Weekly Small Pleasures #75


Nice and chill week. I managed to accidentally peel my own finger (not too bad), but overall it was a pretty relaxing with a few bits of excitement, accomplishment and fun. These were my small pleasures: Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #75”

This Week’s Small Pleasures #73


Had a nice week overall. Check out my small pleasures: Continue reading “This Week’s Small Pleasures #73”

This Week’s Small Pleasures #57

happy collagejuly

This week was pretty uneventful as I had to stay as still as possible regarding the stitches in my ankle, which by the way is a terrible place to get a laceration because apparently, we need and move our ankle a lot and the skin in it is very thing and not very flexible. The slightest movement felt like I was tearing my stitches apart a little. But a had a few happy moments this week, nonetheless. Continue reading “This Week’s Small Pleasures #57”

This Week’s Small Pleasures #52


Lately my weeks are summed up by having intense workouts and indulging in good foods and dessert. A good balance, if you ask me. Here are my small pleasures of the week; what where yours?: Continue reading “This Week’s Small Pleasures #52”